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Hey Everybody,

I have a idea for a game. Its completely fleshed out But the time it would take me to learn and actually do it is more than I can handle. Looking for a programmer who is search of a project. Send me a msg/post if your interested.

Its a themed Tower defense game, a medium-large sized project. It has full storyline, upgrades, various unlocks(with multiple paths to get them), mini bosses with build up to large bosses, 6ish towers(Base), and a wide variety of enemy types and compelling plot twists.


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So what will you be contributing to the project because ideas are worth nothing


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I mostly agree with chaosoul. Idea's aren't worth much if you're not going to contribute anything and then take a cut of the money.
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First Off Buddy, what Game is this that you're Making?

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Faine you realize that what you are proposing here is equivalent to going to an online forum used by authors and writers and saying:
         "Hey I've got a great idea for a book!  I've got a plot outline for the story, and a bunch of great characters and settings!  However, I don't actually want to spend any time to actually learn the craft of writing prose. So, who wants to write my book for me?!"

You think you'd get a lot of takers?  ;)

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Can you elaborate on "completely fleshed out"?  Do you have any resources, particularly art?  If so I may be interested as my current project is coming to completion soon.