The new Stencylpedia is ready!


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[3/31 Update]
- Added Custom Events (Ch6)
- Added Get/Set Attributes from Other Behaviors (Ch6)
- Added demo project to Drawing Text (Ch4)
- Added demo project to Changing Scenes (Ch4)
- Added stub article for Block Reference (B)

[4/1 Update]
- Added Blending Modes (Ch6)

[4/2 Update]
- Added Animations (Ch3)
- Added What are Actors? (Ch3)

[4/3 Update]
- Completed Customizing Actors (Ch4)
- Added Chapter 3 Challenge (Ch3)
- Added What are Behaviors? (Ch2)
- Added Working with Behaviors (Ch2)
- Added Attributes (Ch2)
- Added Game Attributes (Ch2)
- Added Events (Ch2)
- Added Attribute Types (Ch2)

[4/4 Update]
- Fixed navigation issues with frames
- SEO/human friendly links

[4/6 Update]
- Added Motion/Forces (Ch3)
- Added Physics (Ch3)

[4/8 Update]
- Chapter 4 Challenge

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Looks neat! Can't wait for it to come out.


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I like the mention of the interface changes. It can definitely do with some better flow and logic.
Can't wait for 2.0 and Behaviors.


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Isn't this similar to what Photics was talking about with the Stencylworks textbook?,4067.0.html
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Isn't this similar to what Photics was talking about with the Stencylworks textbook?,4067.0.html
What? This is the outline for Stencylpedia 2.0, not a user-created textbook.
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This is very different from Photics effort.


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This is very different from Photics effort.

Yeah, and if it's not, I'll have to make it very different.   :D
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One thing that's not explicitly said but will be part of the process is that we're going to kill a large amount of articles that just aren't so good. Like this sad one. There are a bunch of "articles" like this.

When we launched last year, we had some quality documentation in the built-in Help Center. The problem was that it covered a small fraction of the app, and we had no coverage of the rest of it. So what we did was crowdsource it to trusted beta testers and some team members, rather than sink a few months into it and delay our launch some more.

In hindsight, though we made the right choice there to launch as-is, the online documentation suffered and was inconsistent in quality. Some articles are awesome. Some are not so awesome.

Many holes were never covered. Now, with a lot more traction today and experience, we know what needs to be done here. We still have the challenge of writing these all up, but this time around, we've already put together an outline (something that was not done before) and are assembling a strike team of volunteers who write well to do this.


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very good news. Looking forward to have hand-on this !


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It's a good planning!
I tried many times to falsify the outline(as 'it doesn't talk about a topic i think is important') but i found it talking about all these things:D

Others thing to know for productivity and better games.
-links to inkscape, audacity and other useful free programs(for importing 'art').
-In an appendix, some hints about how to make the game challanging for all(even potatos), through dynamic difficulty adjusting.
-playtesting done by others(the programmer knows ALL of his game, and often forgets to give some important info about the game to the poor player).That would make your game rated very bad if the game is uploaded in a site where players can't communicate with each other.
-Extensions, what are these?How i can make my extension?
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We've made good progress on Stencylpedia.

I originally wanted to ship some new technology in the app, which would have allowed us to embed a web browser into the app that could even display video and Flash. We unfortunately hit roadbumps and had to pull back on that plan today. I have a future plan to make that happen, but it won't arrive until 3.0.

For now, I've decided on a middleground where I've crafted a rather nice looking interface, and the exact same content will be available both in this optimized interface as well as our regular site. Both Flash-based demos and video will be available in the new Stencylpedia.

Will blog about it tomorrow and unveil what we've got.

In total, there will be 11 chapters of content. We planned on twice that, but what we've covered does cover most bases, and we'd like to move forward, than wait for all of it to be ready.

A lot of the existing content will be pulled down when the new Stencylpedia goes up, just are a forewarning.


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If only you'd integrated a web browser. Then I'd never have to leave stencyl! :) But I can wait of course.
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Thank Heavens this part needs to be changed now with the Ipad 3 :)
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The iPad, at this time, doesn’t have a Retina Display since this would lead to a screen with 2048 x 1536 resolution!"

The new iPad does. Just FYI.