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Will the information on the Kong API thing be fixed up too? I don't know how and where to work with it.


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For unusual questions will be good to make additional part of stencylpedia - "Question and Answers" or something like this. Where to place most important and helpful resolved topics from Ask a Question forum part. There we can find many and many answers on all needed questions, so you will not spend to much time on help files.


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@oster - All of that is covered here. Did this article not stand out in the outline/table of contents? (Let me know if a better title would have made it stick out)


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As a general update, most of the missing articles will arrive by end of tomorrow as originally planned. We're getting close to finishing this out for Stencyl 2.0 and moving forward with that release.


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@oster - All of that is covered here. Did this article not stand out in the outline/table of contents? (Let me know if a better title would have made it stick out)

I saw it, but, like I had said, I don't fully understand what I should put, or where.


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It's right there in black and white.

Before you use the Kongregate API, use this block to initialize it. It doesn’t matter where or when this happens. Sticking it inside the first scene is best practice.
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Am I the only one who was hoping for an April Fools Day joke on Stencylpedia?  :-X
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Lots of new content today. The Chapter 2 articles are still in the process of being edited, but these are the first drafts and will get a pass through before they're final.

We're still missing 2 more articles, but it's getting close now.

[4/3 Update]
- Completed Customizing Actors (Ch4)
- Added Chapter 3 Challenge (Ch3)
- Added What are Behaviors? (Ch2)
- Added Working with Behaviors (Ch2)
- Added Attributes (Ch2)
- Added Events (Ch2)
- Added Attribute Types (Ch2)
- Added Game Attributes (Ch2)

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I think that it would help players like me, if there was solutions to more of the Challenges like there is for the Chapter 3 Challenges.


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Fixed up some the cross-navigation issues. If you now happen to get into a state where it shows the "book" layout but with no left outline, it will kick you to the main site's version instead.

Also fixed a bug where following successive links in the book layout would auto-kick you to the "normal" layout.

Let me know if anything is amiss on this front. I'm going to be going through and seeing what I can do about those links now. They're all SEO'ed in the back but the outline and the internal links have not been updated yet.


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All of the links in the side outline/contents have now been converted to human-friendly form, and there are no longer any traces of the funky 0/false junk anymore.


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Many people do not like to "reverse engineer" others' work as a pre-requisite for learning.  When you use this approach in your "Crash Course", these people are left wondering about many elementary points.  And, opening up the "Behaviors" that have been made for you, trying to see how these work - is intimidating to many users - and does not illustrate the order of steps that were required to make all the parts work together. (Stencyl requires a linear workflow, for many things to work at all).

Using this kind of "reverse engineering" approach really ignores many of the "Why's" which are "timeless", as you have noted.

Many users want a more "step-by-step" approach that takes them from the ground upward:

1)  How do I put an Actor into a Scene - to see it's animations?
2)  What is the most basic way to move an actor with controls?
3)  What is the most direct way to make the camera follow an Actor?
4)  Do I always have to use a "tiled" background for platform games?
5)  How many pixels, square, should my Actor be?
6)  How do I know when to use an "Event" instead of a "Behavior"?
7)  Does an Actor need to be a "Player" to be assigned keyboard controls?
8)  I made changes to my game, but they don't show up when I "Test" it - Why?.

And the list could go on and on. 

Using very simple examples of making objects do simple things is far less intimidating - ultimately more inviting - than leading someone through a game made by somebody else.  This is how the "Why's" can begin to sink in, fostering an overall understanding of how Stencyl does things.

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Thanks for the input.

We've got a more ambitious project we're working on behind the scenes that takes a more low-level approach to teaching.

The goal of the crash course is to give a gentle introduction to the interface, while showing users how fast it is to piece together a game from existing resources. Design Mode is a huge piece itself, and we wouldn't really be doing it justice by slapping a couple of pages in in the first tutorial.

Have you looked at the Behavior tutorials?


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I experienced a weird bug yesterday when i accidentally tried clicking the "switch to book layout" twice, i was using Google Chrome that time, the first paged that opened was ok however the 2nd one is weird, there are 2 identical navigation pane on the left side, like 2 of them side by side... i wish i was able to make a screenshot of it, right now everything seems to be working fine, i can no longer reproduce the issue.

On topic
I really liked the new Stencylpedia, nice layout as usual and very informative.  I have a question though, i installed the nightly build and noticed that clicking the Stencylpedia button will launch it on a browser, unlike on the non-nightly build it will pop up a new window like a help file within the application. Is it no longer available or will it be included on the final release? I think it would be nice to bring it back since it will be very helpful specially if you're offline.
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