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It can be played here: Here

Logic and game design and music: Me
Graphics: Rexasul

So, Orbish. Orbish is a simple game that took me around 14 hours (a day and a half of work) to create. I wanted to create a simple game because I need the experience and I know if I start on something big now it'll die straight away. So it only seemed natural to do something fun.

I started with just an idea of some orbs in different colours falling from the top of the screen in random positions, this formed what is now Orbish.

Orbish in my opinion is a "fast paced orb collecting acid drop destroying semi-professional indie game" but we'll just refer to it as a shooter or strategy game...

See how long you can go for in the infinite amount of orbs and acid fall from the top of the screen. I myself am aiming for the 1000 points in a round goal. But it seems there is already one member of this site who achieved this *claps hands*

Hope you guys have fun with this one, and expect more games from us VERY soon.