[Solved] Background not fully rendered when zoomed. Display Error.


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This is Nightly Build 9th Feb running on OSX 10.6

* This is a pinball game so it is tall. The scene size is 480 w 960 h
* The play field is a background image, also 480x960
* The background is shown correctly at 100%, but at 200% the bottom half is white.

Images attached.

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Does it appear correctly in game?
Is the viewport scrolled in that last screenshot?
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In the second image the window is scrolled so that the background image is partly above the visible area. The actors for ball and flipper, which are located on the background in the first shot are now below the visible area.

Put another way; when using the zoom tool I see the highlight showing where the zoom will take place. I click with that highlight on the area where the ball and flipper actors are located. When it zooms, the ball and flipper are correctly on screen - but the background is raised up above them, leaving white.

This does not affect the game and when I zoom back to 100% it appears normal. It's only when zoomed in that the effect takes place.


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A later build seems to have solved something.