Terraria Online: looks pretty cool.


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I'll probably buy this.  In short it's a 2d Minecraft inspired game.  I would have loved to do their spriting :P.
I'm sure tons of people thought of this idea after playing Minecraft.  I thought of it, they actually made it.  Too late for me!

I'd love to do something at that level XP.


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Looks pretty neat. Procedural level generation is cool but somewhat tough to implement.


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I'll buy it next month! Looks pretty cool!
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I saw a video for this a while back, my friend got it yesterday. I'm not sure I would buy it but it does look pretty cool.


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I'll stick with minecraft till I hear reviews, it's only been out since Monday.
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From the videos, while the exploration looks fun if you have access to those spells/items, I can't see it fun planting/destroying one brick at a time. With Minecraft you don't have to be precise in where you click, but it looks like there's not much room for error.

Well, this is all based on the trailer, anyway. One of my friends thinks its the best game since Minecraft.


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I've seen this recently -- it looks pretty interesting, but I don't think it'll catch on nearly as fast as Minecraft did.


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I bought it.  I think the general gameplay is superior to minecraft.  The creation options...  I'll have to wait an see.  Though I don't think you'll ever see anything as impressive as minecraft simply because it's 2D.  No giant to scale Enterprise or anything like that.  However you can still have some fun with it. 

The amount of content is a bit small but like minecraft it'll see constant updates.  Hopefully soon they'll put in some admin tools and stuff to help make creation not so tedious (like infinite blocks in admin tools which basically all the good minecraft creators use).  If they support modding we'll only see content come faster.

This is the ONLY game of this type I've been willing to spend money on.  Most Indie games, even though I've helped make a few, really do just suck.  lol at least if they cost $10 or more.  This one is just very good though.

I'd give it an 9/10.  Replay value is big if you're into creation and stuff (and will be bigger with updates).  Multiplayer is fun.  Content is a bit low but you'll still get dozens of hours out of it if you like this kind of stuff and content will only go up (and if you love the creation you'll spend even more time with it).
It was released earlier than they planned to try to get support for it and since it was like the 6th most played game on Steam the day it came out I'm sure they got a bunch of $$$ support to keep it going for a long time.

Anyways, if you don't buy it today I'd highly suggest buying it somewhere down the road.  I could see giving it like a 9.5/10 when it gets enough new content. 

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I'll probably get it when I have enough money and there is nothing else I want to buy.

I like the idea of putting RPG elements with Platformer and Minecraft-like elements, even though I generally dislike RPGs.


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I bought that game a long time ago, and don't regret it, it's one of my favorites. I'd recommend it to anyone :D
It's like minecraft, but much more adventurous. It has bosses, and many more items. Even floating islands.

And Terraria wasn't inspired by Minecraft, by the way-The creator said he was inspired by many different games.


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And Terraria wasn't inspired by Minecraft, by the way-The creator said he was inspired by many different games.
I don't think the creator saying that means it wasn't inspired by Minecraft.


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What is newest terraria update???
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I've taken a break from Terraria partly from boredom and mostly because I have other things keeping me busy, but I still have been checking up on the update news.  This next patch is going to have a ridiculous amount of new content.  Dev blog link for anyone interested:  http://www.terrariaonline.com/forums/dev-blog.26/


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Same here, I don't regret buying Terraria at all. If they worked on a 3D engine for the game, that would be amazing.
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