If social media sharing ( post/share high score for example) in app was added would u use it ?

Yes ! I think this feature is extremely important and useful
Yes but don't think it is that useful
No I'm not interested

Social media sharing from within game poll interest


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Pleas take this poll . I am interested In how many others are interested in this feature . Any info on date of this feature would be appreciated . ( I have created a separate post asking this )


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Belongs in Chit-Chat, but voted anyways. I think social media doesn't matter, but it could get people to see a post about it on facebook, and decide to play it, so it would be better for the game popularity. The ability to post high scores may be better for some people, but personally, I don't really care.
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Hi ,

Good feedback thanks . I think if used in the right way social media intergration can provide a massive audience to your game . Do u know when this feature will be available ?


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With good integration, it could help your game go viral. Probably why zynga does so well.