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What are you working on?


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i am not good @ coding and will make many resources for the program.
my biggest thing what i do is @ time a Megaman char Zero to import and give him "Live".

others i try to import all Megaman resources With Animations and will it make to usefuel for others to make a megaman fan like game....


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Starting work on a game called Press On! Which you can read about here.,960.0.html

Basically if I dont set up a "real" game to try to build, then nothing will happen just trying out listless ideas.


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I'm Working On My Game Blue Box. I'm Running out of Ideas for levels sooooo...... yeah i'm screwed!
Play The Demo:

I already Know what i'm doing for a next game so if i Quit and the full version never comes out.. U know WHY!


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An unofficial sequel to "crystalis" an action/adventure RPG by SNK on the NES.


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Ive gone straight into making games after 1.5 hours of learning. I messed up my first game THE PLATFORMS and went into doing THE PLATFORMS 2  which will probably be out before 5/6/11.
Look out for it on StencylForge.

That's awesome. Any hint on what it is about?


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I made a "disposable" character to train myself at doing animations, and I think I grew attached to her, she is now promoted as "protagonist for my yet to be made game" character.

I know in a game I'm supposed to start with the concept but heh... I'll improvise this time.

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An unofficial sequel to "crystalis" an action/adventure RPG by SNK on the NES.

Crystalis is one of my all-time favorite NES games. I must have played that game about 5,000 times. The Adventure Game kit is probably a good place to start.


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I'm working on a platformer that I'm hoping to be something like a cross between Sonic and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat on the Gamecube, if anyone else ever actually played that. I've got the WIP with a simple test level up in the arcade:

Big thanks to Justin for helping me with the behaviors!


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I'm trying to recreate one of my Scratch games in Stencyl


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I've been messing around with the Run and Jump extended kit. So far all I've done is import my own graphics and shove in the pick-ups behaviour, so it isn't much but I'm just beginning to use this program anyway.


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Currently, I'm piecing together (rather slowly) the core mechanics for an upcoming game of mine (Ooh, a first!) and constructing levels on graph paper. Other than that, nothing. Yes, I know. Sad life. :P


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'Kay. I'll bite.
I'm working on porting a bad rpgmaker2k3 story-heavy dream game I made a couple demos of called May, to stencyl with added story and action features- and with a little luck a more expansive set of areas to dream through. Stencyl-visioning it made much more sense to me than continuing development on a limited support platform, with the added bonus that I could do about anything visually that I care to try pretty much.
And that's pretty much it, my art gallery/job run got completely screwed over so I decided to construct May until I get it done in a obsessive way.
links to thread at uboachan for the curious about previous builds, which is where the main topic for it lives since it uses a lot of yume nikki mechanics- or at least did until I switched from rpgmaker2k3:
I'll take the link down if it's not allowed to drop links.
Much thanks to those that have helped me so far with this system, they've been very nice and welcoming.


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Right now I'm working on a jump and run kinda game based on the jump run extended kit.  I've made a couple of characters so far, I have attached them.


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I wish I was working on something >:C


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I wish I was working on something >:C
Same here.

If anyone has a game engine laying around, or anything like that, let me know. I want something to work on.