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Hello Stencylers

So, we are making an ios game, but the storyline is like a children's story. Consequently, we thought it would be ideal to also create a children's ibook. I noticed there is an example on Stencyl, but apart from that I have not been able to find any further information. I am assuming we can simply create a series of linked scenes with interactive user triggered animations. We could also make it so the user can not proceed to the next page until they have triggered a key event etc.

The question I have though, is if we create an ibook with this template, will this only be usable on an iPad or will the graphics be automatically scaled down for the iPhone devices? If the images are not automatically scaled, does that mean we would have to create three versions of every anim/image to accomodate each peripheral and code it to detect which is being used?

Thanks in advance.



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Im new here too and have been searching how to get this done. the sample doesnt tell me alot but of course im a newbie to stencyl

looking to do an interactive book


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an interactive book is nothing else than a game. it depends on the features it should have.
In terms of structure: pages would be scenes, which change with the interaction you introduce. for example if u are on page 3 swipe right would load scene/page 4, swipe left would load scene/page 3.
text can be loaded into labels and displayed at runtime, you could even ship audio of the text spoken.
nice to have are things that are part of the illustration, for example a light switch that turn on light in a illustration.
here is a good example, of how content in a stroy can be interactive:



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thanks for the reply!!