Do we have to pay this $2500 license fee for using mp3s in our game? [No]


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Not sure if the licensing fee to use mp3s needs to be payed by each of us that develops a game, or if it has already been payed by the stencylwork's creators? Or if it even applies to us  :-\

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lol...what in the world....I thought I had seen it all. Are they trying to claim a patent on mp3 format.

I'm not really sure who that is but unless you are using their software, services, or music you do not have to pay a license fee to use mp3's.

However make sure you get royalty free music that is allowed for commercial use and give credit to the artist that created your music.

Do not use music that you don't have permission to use.

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That site is not fake from what i can tell. Even over at construct 2 they refer to that site when talking about sound file formats.


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The short answer is that Adobe's agreement frees up developers from this, provided the MP3's are strictly used inside a SWF or a FLV.

On iOS, the files are converted, using Apple's provided tools, to the formats that iOS uses.