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Alright, here's an idea i had that if anybody want to run with, by all means.

Title: Hollywood.
Idea: Pick from any of a bunch of Hollywood big names and play their minigame.
Actors: Lindsey Lohan, Wesley Snipes, Russel Crowe, John travolta, Hugh Jackman and any other people come up with. (could be a colab game where each person comes up with the level for their chosen actor.

Examples: Lindsey Lohans game is simply steal what you can in an alotted space of time. bonuses for high end Items, and time extentions on some items.
Wesley Snipes, you have to run away from the IRS through the streets of Hollywood, Last the longest, get speed bonusses, jump hurdles, get a disguise, and last the longest.
Russel Crowe is game where you get points for hitting certain people with a phone, and lose points for missing or hitting the wrong people.
John travolta is fly a plane through the air traffic for as long as possible. Levelled game where each level gets progressively harder.
Hugh Jackman is like the dance games, but you have to keep up with the Lipton tea music, multiple levels based on the multiple adds.

What ya reckon?