Kid with jet pack animation request


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Hey All

I'm working on a game for the Iphone, I've pretty much got the environment sorted but I'm not good at animating characters, so I'm wondering if anyone would fancy a challenge?

I don't have a lot of money to play with, but I've but down a price for the completion of each animation.

The animations would include:
1. Kid Running (3 frames $8)
2. Kid Flying (3 frames $8) (Smoke and flames coming out of jet pack)
3. Kid Stood Still (doesn't have to be animated) (1 frame $4)
4. Kid Standing out of breath (Arms on knees deep breathing) (3 frames $8)

The kid would need to be designed to be facing right and all animations so that he can fit into a side scroller.

The character is a kid who has been given a jet pack and is learning to master the art of flying with the jet pack. I'm thinking big(ish) head with smaller body, sharp lines and good colours. He would need a leather jacket, steampunkish jet pack, flying goggles and leather boots.

I have attached a sample I found that matches the sort of style I like.

If you are interested please shout.