Newgrounds ad makes regular cursor show


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I may have gone entirely mad, but it appears that displaying a Newgrounds ad automatically enables the standard cursor on top of the Flixel cursor, so that you end up with two cursors and no way of getting rid of the standard one. ("Hide mouse cursor" hides the Flixel one.)


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I think I did this because the Flixel cursor would always display below the ad, so if you didn't show the regular cursor, you'd end up seeing nothing at all. I ran into the same issue with the Mochi widgets too.


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I've worked around this issue by creating a new MovieClip, loading the Flixel cursor into it, adding it to the stage and having it follow the mouse position, then removing it when I change scenes or close the ad.

EDIT: I should clarify, this doesn't solve the original issue, its just a solution to the problem Jon stated.