Looking for animator to do 4 animations with 3 frames per.


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I'm posting this out again because I'm really desperate  :)

I'm working on my fourth web + Iphone game called 'Rocketeer' the game focuses around a young kid who has come across a steam powered jet pack.
The game is fast paced and has been inspired by Sonic.
Game development is coming along nicely and I expect to have a release by the end of March.
You can get the gist of the game idea from this video:


I need to replace the blue ball with "The kid"
I'm rubbish at animating and drawing so I want to put out a request.
First up money, I don't have much but I appreciate even simple tasks can take a lot of time.
I'd be willing to spend about 10 to 15 dollars per animation and for that I would want the work and full rights over the animation.

The animations would need to include:
1. All be PNG so I can drop them straight into the game
2. Roughly the 150 x 90, but so long as I can shrink and grow the animation I'm not too bothered.
3. The kid must have a leather hat, flying goggles and a metal steampunk(ish) jet pack

Animation Set 1:
The kid flying forward, facing right.
Arms stretched out (superman style), steam jet pack pumping out steam and a bit of flame from the back.

Animation Set 2:
The kid running, facing right.
Small amount of steam puffing out the jet pack, kid slightly leaning forward to give impressing of a fast run.

Animation Set 3:
Kid out of breath, facing right
Arms on legs with heavy breathing

Animation Set 4:
Kid hit object, facing right
Kid slides back looking annoyed, then leans forward to merge back into superman pose

As for art style I'm open for suggestions, please take a look at my video and see what you think fits.


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I could take a look at doing this for you if you haven't found anybody yet. Check out the site @:


Idea Wing Artworx
~ Artax ~


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Hey Artax, thanks for the response. I did manage to find an animator who has now completed the work. BTW your work is very impressive!
Just out of curiosity if I wanted say an animated sprite of 4 or 5 frames (a flying airship) what sort of price would I be looking at?


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Depends on the size and detail of the ship! but probably not a tonne. $25-50?
~ Artax ~