Tips for creating tiles (importing, retina etc.)

I struggled a bit when I started to create Tilesets for my game. Here's some notes that I use now to import tilesets.

General notes on tiles

   •   Tiles are blocks of re-usable artwork.
   •   Tiles are part of a Tileset (groups of tiles)
   •   A tileset is just a png image containing tiles
   •   A tileset does not have to contain a specific number of tiles.
   •   Create them using photoshop with the grid set up to the tile size.
   •   It’s also worth having the pixel ruler enabled.
   •   They are stored in an atlas like other images.
   •   Tile width and height can be set when creating a new scene
   •   Tiles can be scenery that don’t cause collisions, or platforms etc that stop actors falling, like ground.
   •   They can be static or animated.
   •   Tiles have a collision shape like other actors.
   •   You can use one of the preset collision shapes or create a new polygon one.
   •   Using tiles is more performance friendly than using actors.

Adding a new Tile Set

   1   Design artwork at twice the size as normal for retina (eg. 64 x 64 if your game tile size is 32 x 32)
   2   Go to Game Center > Tilesets > Create New
   3   Import as Retina 2x and don’t worry about the grid lines dividing your tiles. This can be confusing. (Fig. 1 below). Your tiles won't be divided up.
   4   The tile size needs to be 32 x 32 on the import window (assuming this is the tile size you're using).
   5   After import, if it looks weird, like (Fig. 2 below) then you need to look at the Tile size (Fig 3 below)
 and correct it by clicking 'Change Tile Size and entering 32 x 32' (Or your target size)

Other tips

   •   Once tiles are added, they are drawn onto a scene with the pencil.
   •   Blank tiles still take up space, remove them by right clicking on the row or column and deleting.
   •   A tileset can be built up from various pngs - the tiles don’t have to originate from one .png
   •   A tile can be made up of multiple tiles, just drag a box around the tiles you want to be combined. If it’s not just scenery, you’ll need to set it’s collision shape too.
   •   Tiles don't have to be 32 x 32. Your tiles could be say 50 x 50.

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Nice post^^
Thx for all the info :D


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Thanks for this info, it will help alot.
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Thanks. My problem was using a too small image. I suggest 128x128 it work well for me.
I left the setting as is.
On the secound windows I add one row and one column.

The rest can be follower here.


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Thank you!!

This helped me a lot :)


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Thanks for the info Tom :)


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Hi Tom, thanks for the tips. All help is greatly appreciated.