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Hi all,
don't know if I'm the oldest Stencyler at 55 years of age but would be impressed to hear from anyone more senior. I am a paramedic in  Australia. Love my job but its important to have an engaging hobby. I cannot remember (dementia?) how I happened to come across Stencyl but as I have always enjoyed varied video games and technology it looked like it was worth a try. Three years later I've virtually completed my first game and just paid my studio license for use of Stencyl. I have absolutely no background in coding so I'm very pleased with what Stencyl has allowed me to do.

Working with Xcode, provisioning profiles and all the bits needed to publish is becoming a pain in the butt. No fun at all. Having come this far the prospect of giving up is repugnant. So...I'll be asking questions of the forum in the days to come. Any help is appreciated.

Games I've played over the years...first ever computer game was a linear graphic based upon gridiron in which a ball shaped element bounced back and forth on a horizontal line, the mechanics of the ball's movement referenced against some kind of randomizer that was affected by play decisions such as whether to punt, pass, defend etc. The computer was owned by the high school I attended (circa 1977) and the manufacturer's name was "Wang". Yep...I played with a Wang. It was rectangular mainframe about 1.5 metres square and 2 metres high, sitting snugly inside a heavy metal cabinet. At the time it was used to teach Basic language.

Most favourite games since have included Crash Bandicoot, Pandimonium, Metal Gear Solid, Tombraider, Need for Speed, Ratchet and Clank, Halo, Fallout, Gears of War, Skyrim, Dishouroured etc.

Enough rambling. Get an old person started and they don't want to stop,

Cheers owee


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Hello, I'm Sam.  I am a new member.
I grew up with video games. I played many games, but now, i want to creat a game.


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Hi everyone! I'm newbie here :D. Currently I'm starting an rpg game making project so I think it will be nice to learn ideas from various sources. So I hope to learn more from you guys.


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Hi everyone! I'm newbie here :D. Currently I'm starting an rpg game making project so I think it will be nice to learn ideas from various sources. So I hope to learn more from you guys.

Ciao, Antonio vedo che sei italiano mi fa piacere ;)

Hello, everyone is luca i'm italian, i write incorrectly and so it is likely that when you go to read this post you give a punch in your eyes: P.

Good evening


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hey there,
Not a newbie, but just thought to write here :) ,
Anthony Davis,
At some sites, this name was already in place, so I just added "greatanthony" , which is used in my profiles everywhere,
So not "great" I'm , it's just to keep the name same where ever I have Profiles! :)

Just completed my high schools, and presently on the journey of learning programming


Hey there! You can call me Sirenita :P
I'm new here and I'm eager to learn! I always had a passion for games, especially board games, and one day a strange idea got into my mind. Since I love games so much, why not try to make one? And Stencyl came up in my first research.  So, here I am, ready to start 'exploring'.

hi everyone, Im beppe.


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Hey everyone.
I'm James, but I tend to go by Anima on the interwebs.
I've been using Stencyl on and off since 2015 after being introduced to it at university as part of my games design course.
As the course's focus shifts more and more towards 3D Asset Creation and 3D Game Engines, I'm a little if its right for me as I've always enjoyed indie and flash games and the idea of creating smaller games by myself appeals to me much more than being a small part of making a much larger game.
As such I'm taking a break from my studies to focus on game development on my own; I'm going to see if making games as a solo indie developer is viable for me and re-asses my studies afterwards.

I'm hoping to have my first ever commercial game finished by the end of 2017 and I'm hoping being more active in the Stencyl community will give the motivation and guidance to make that happen, so watch this space.

See you all around the forums. :)