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Olá a todos.
Sou brasileiro, adoro games e acabei de conhecer o Stencyl. Achei bem interessante a possibilidade de criar jogos sem saber programação.
Procurei uma seção no forum que fosse no meu idioma nativo, português do Brasil (PT-BR), mas não encontrei.
Tenho certeza que uma categoria em outras línguas seria bem útil no forum. Fica aqui a minha sugestão.
Hello everyone.
I'm Brazilian, I love games and I just met Stencyl. I found it very interesting to create games without knowing programming.
I searched for a forum section that was in my native language, Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR), but I did not find it.
I'm sure a category in other languages would be very useful on the forum. Here is my suggestion.

I'm not sure there is a Portuguese section. (Não tenho certeza se houver uma seção em português.)
Hopefully you can understand that as I'm using Google Translate. (Espero que você possa entender isso enquanto estou usando o Google Translate.)
Welcome to Stencyl! (Bem-vindo ao Stencyl!)


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Hi there!

I'm a big, fat old guy from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been making games since 2010 (under the now defunct POLYGAMe d i g i t a l  banner). I started with GameSalad, learnt to code, made a couple of things with C++, started using Unity and now I have decided to use Stencyl for my 2D stuff. It reminds me of my GS days and those were so much more fun than when I did 'codey' stuff. Looking forward to just having fun with game dev again and hopefully releasing something new!


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Hi my name is Huntercool

I'm planning to make my own game in the future. Right now I'm experimenting with various game creators and engines to find out which one is the most suitable for the job. The type of game that I would like to make is a 2d adventure game similar to The Legend of Zelda. I know it will be very difficult to create such a game, so for now, I will start with something basic like a clone of flappy bird.


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welcome new peoples :)


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Hi my name is Owen and I'm new to making games so I'm hoping Stencyl can help me learn more about how to make games


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Hi! I'm Brazilian and a total newbie to game development, but I've been reading a lot and my goal is to make a portfolio of games that I wouldn't be embarrased to show anyone. I'm in this as a hobbyist and I wanna focus on making simple good-quality mobile games.  :)