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Uh hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to make this grand game since I was 7 it’s been my dream! I grew up with many types of games,from iOS to Nintendo.  I’m hoping stencyl will be the long awaited start of the even longer journey! I’m gonna start with many small games,one I’m working on now is called Sky Fishing! Really excited!


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Upcoming Projects: Poppytail 5, Pixeltail, The Poppytales, A Game About Trimming Hedges: Final Version, One Million, Poppytail 5 2D (maybe)


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Thanks for the welcome! :)


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Hello World ;)

My name is Paweł but you can call me Pablo :D  I am from Poland and my favourite games are Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, Hitman series, Total War series and many more ;) First I read about Stencyl about 2 years ago and right now Im wanting to create some fantastic games on that brilliant program.

As my first project I was thinking about some card match games, u know guys some sort of clicking game when two same cards are selected they will dissapere btw sorry for my english haha XD and Im wanna create something similar to Chrono Trigger cause In my opinion it is the one of the greatest rpg game in the universe and that parts which time travels was just great and I hope Im will creating something similar and if I attempt to some problems Im will ask for help. Thats all for start, have a great day peoples ;)

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My name is Dmitry, on the forums "1968"
I am Russian. I am 50 years old
The game began to play ... in the era of ZX Spectrum.
Gaining experience studying the mechanics of games.
Thank you so much Lense OnLife for the lessons. 8)