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Hi all.
Well ive been lurking, fiddling and learning. ive now embarked on my first game. So far I have title screens and menus functioning. In game elements are progressively being developed.

Basics behind Spectrum.
Style: RPG/MMO if I can get it there.

Whats your fav colour? (options red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple)
What is your class? (options warrior, seeker, maja, priest)
What sex are you? (options should be obvious, male, female)

Depending on your choices, youll spawn in your colour zone.

Each colour has a dragon ruler.
Red is fire, they live in the dessert.
Orange is Molten, live in the volcanic mountains.
Yellow is light, live in temples on the white fields.
Green is mist, live in the forest.
Blue is crystal, live in the caves.
Purple is UV, live in the dead seam.

Map is similar to the colour wheel. Each starting zone is set.

Your experience will be based on the paths and quests you take. the bosses, the dragons of each colour. each drops a key. the keys will unlock the expansions. But the drop rate for the key will be small.
The mmo part is the colour wars.

Im mostly working on it myself.
Anyone wants in, ill consider it. just let me know. i have alot of main sections done. screenshots will come soon. :) The only part left to focus on will be story driven quests for each colour.

Any comments, ideas are welcomed, but im pretty set on where its going. happy to know what ya think.


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I think this section is for playable and finished demos only? But anyway, cant wait to see some screenshots, hopefully you draw your own graphics.
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Moved to the correct area.

Good luck with your game!


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Oop, sorry haha. thought i'd come back. Thanks for the move.

@hypnohustler - Your hopes are fullfilled because they are all brand new. Not a single tile or animation will be kit used. Im working with a friend of mine who is all over the art side. :) (as of yesterday haha)

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ok so first screenshot comin up.
Terrible art but it's just to get the idea down. These will be the icons once they are polished. Basically pick your fav colour and go from there :)


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Concept dragon Green. Taking the symbol, and the ability, mist, and starting to make him a concept.
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Yellow/light dragon


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Here's the updated links prior to shrinkage.

And green requires mirroring still. But halfway there.


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Spectrum Blurb.

 Once we were a complete nation. Colours mixed in wonderful celebrations, were all respected the others ability, where each heritage was presented with pride an honour. If there ever was a time history should repeat, it was then. That was over 2000 years ago. That was before the Colour wars.
 No one knows who attacked first. Most other Colours suspected Reds. The Red abilities are fuelled by anger. The hypertension and adrenalin makes it explosive, difficult to control. Others suspect the Blues. Blues spend most of their time meditating. The caves to the Southeast of the Great lake are filled with them. Quiet, mysterious, and scary, they infuse their bodies with Blue magic. Crystallising themselves until they achieve Pure form. Their abilities are focused through calm meditative states.
 The other nations all deny that they started it. Truth is, no one knows. Each Colour nation is controlled by emotion, and their views can be, one sided. Orange is fuelled by hate, pure unrequited hate, the willingness to damage. Yellow is controlled by Pride, Knowledge and the feeling of superiority. Purple is controlled by fear, they relish living as close as possible to the edge of their lives. And Green is controlled by Envy.
 The Great Lake wasn't always there. That was the result from the colour wars. We unleashed the true givers of power to our nations. The Mor'dren, Dragons. The resulting fight between the Dragons and Colours caused the lake. And we scattered to the hills, fields and caves to rebuild. The time is coming for us to make our move...