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Stuckfain is a puzzle platformer about pushing crates around and getting insulted while you do it.

The story goes like this: On what I imagine to be a spaceship or maybe a factory of some kind, a pusher robot named Stuckfain is deemed "pretty dang terrible" by the powers that be. So Stuckfain needs to go to the incineration room to be disposed of. But Stuckfain has to traverse a number of rooms filled obstacles and dangers and puzzles in order to get there. Stuckfain needs to not die on its way to death.

It's an atmospheric game with a Gameboy palette and -sort of- resolution, and I'm pretty dang proud of it! It's up on FGL right now, I'll keep this thread updated when it gets released.

Also, here's a trailer:


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Totally awesome artwork! I like the humor, as well.


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I'm looking forward to this game.
"Find the fun"


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Well thats nice arwork, teach us.
What program do you used for graphics?
Currently waiting for joints in stencylworks.


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Played through it on FGL, i like the theme and backstory, the game is polished and well put together, there were also some good moments where i was dodging a saw, and spikes and gradually pushing a crate. The best moment of the game was the point i felt puzzled for a few seconds, when i couldn't make the lift-jump, and realized i had to jump at the height of the lift when the crate bounces a bit.

This brings me to my big constructive criticism, the game doesn't really work from a design perspective. It is slow/claustrophobic and so does not give me the feeling of swift moment that an action platformer should give; it isn't mentally challenging so it does not give the feeling of reward a puzzle game should have. I say this not to deter, but so that your next games are stronger!

Having a clear idea of what you want the focus of the game to be will really help when prototyping a game, and identifying its strengths. Once you have a great prototype, then you can build the graphics and theme around this.

There's some good design here though, i really enjoyed rood too. I like the (P)ause brackets for button instructions, i laughed at the "push for -----death" and the use of a few items, combined in different ways for different levels is smart, and how i try to make my games. Im looking forward to your next title and to seeing your development as a designer :)


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Thanks for the comments, everyone :)

@Ganu: I use Photoshop for graphics. Personally the way I learned to do pixel art was to grab a couple of sprites that I liked (if I remember correctly I snagged them from the Show Us Your Pixel Art thread on the TIGsource forums), and then I literally copied them. Just open the file in Photoshop, zoom waaaaaay in, and copy every pixel. It'll feel kinda dumb while you're doing it, just replicating something pixel by pixel, but after a while you start to get an understanding of why things work the way they do, visually. I did, anyway.

@Greg-Anims: Thanks for what is by far the most in-depth feedback I've ever gotten on a game :) Funnily enough I disagree with you on pretty much every point, and I wonder how much of that is me being biased about my own game. I'm going to come back to your comment in like a month and see if my thoughts are any different, because I know objectively that you know far more about making games- and especially puzzle platformers! -than I do.

But to me, the fact that it is slow/claustrophobic is the most exciting thing about the game. I didn't want it to be ABOUT being an action platformer or a puzzle platformer, it's ABOUT a robot who's not really good at anything. If it were any more challenging as a platform game or if the puzzles were harder, it couldn't have been Stuckfain.

What you see as the best moment of the game is the weakest one to me. There's two reasons that moving platform is the only element that's only used once. The big one is that there's no way that Stuckfain the robot could've managed beating anything tougher than that one level. Secondly, every other obstacle that's introduced in the game serves as a reminder that crates can do things that Stuckfain can't, except the moving platform. That's why it's weak game design.   

Again though, thank you!


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Nice work =) I Really liked your approach of respecting the palette of the gameboy; Its giving the game a retro feels without being only blocky and pixelated.  I think we're working in the same manner with the pixel art, Its nice to see another game with a refined visual style.

Also if you got some time, check out my game it is listed in the "Announce your game" section.  - Last Xenos ; Reel' Revenge - . Im in need of some players and testers for feedback. Thanks. Im still a noob programmer, used to work with Relays and TTL Logic chips, Im climbing my way starting from the 80s.