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I've recently decided to port a game created with another game maker in order to export to flash and iOS (iPhone, iPad). So I was wondering:

- I want my game to be played on iPhone and iPad through an universal application: how to do it properly? Should I start a projet in 960x480 and export my assets for this resolution? The scale will be automatic?

- In order to export to iOS, do I need to develop on MAC? :-X (I'm currently working on PC)

Thanks in advance!



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I'd like to know too if there was a "best practice" for starting a ios project that you want to be universal.


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Good question :o

Something clear, step by step etc. That's something fondamental in order to create a solid project.


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If someone could put an answer, my world would be so beautiful...  :-*

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This is something I'd like to know too.  Kind of tried to work with my graphics at double the iphone (320 x 480) for it to work on my iPad - but there is a fair amount of wasted space at the edges.

I've seen mention of using separate atlases for different devices - but that doesn't sound right - why should a game for iPhone have all the extra atlases packaged up in it for the iPad if they are not going to be used????

I'd love it if anyone could give some step by step tips on planning for a project for both iPad and iPhone.


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Anyone got any thoughts?
The current help article really doesn't go deep enough into what's needed.


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There's a new mode under Mobile Game Settings called "Universal 2X" that automatically uses the retina graphics for iPhone on iPad. There's a new Stencyl game on the App Store that uses it.


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What I (we?) need is some sort of fundamental questions answered.

Things like :

Do I start designing the levels with an ipad screen in mind, or a retina iphone screen?
How do I then amend my camera (zoom?) and actors sizes according to what device my player is on if I am using a unified atlas?

if you get what I mean



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It might be wise to have two versions, one for the ipad and one for the iphone. You'd still be importing the graphics at 2x(for now), and then in the ipad version in the future(4x) when it is supported in Stencyl v2.5
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It might be wise to have two versions, one for the ipad and one for the iphone. You'd still be importing the graphics at 2x(for now), and then in the ipad version in the future(4x) when it is supported in Stencyl v2.5

I "could"...but surely that's the whole point of a universal build....the fact that I DON'T have to have 2 versions.

There are plenty of good reasons to have a universal build of a game out :

1st and formost, from a punter's point of view, I don't have to go and buy 2 versions of something for my different devices (if I have them)

From a developers point of view, I only have to keep one project up-dated.

There are also plenty of case studies online talking about sales of a universal app as opposed to 2 versions of the same app. Also, ratings and reviews are all shared by one app.

it just makes sense to do..... I (and a few others it would seem) need some help in getting it all up and running as I need it to be.

Like I said earlier, the StencylPedia article is there...but it really kind of skims over it (imo), talking about setting up your graphics, and that's pretty much it.
It's really important to know what to do in the editor at the scene level (regardless of if I have set my graphics up properly.  ;)


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I'm dealing with these same issues, and I agree, there isn't really any good documentation yet that answers these questions. We need a "Setting up your universal app" article, that talks about how to create the scenes, dynamic behaviors, etc in the best way.

Currently, my scenes are simple, so I'm creating an iphone scene and an ipad scene (at their appropriate sizes). When you start the game I do a conditional to see what device they are on and then load that scene. I also initialize some global attributes when depending on device. That way a character thats supposed to walk from the left side to the right side can be told, via that attribute, how wide the screen is.

Hopefully that helps a bit, I don't really know if its the right way, but it should do the trick. Unfortunately its not that helpful if you have complex levels - who wants to build them twice when you should be able to build them once and use the camera/zoom trick mentioned above.