Intense speed game creating challenge


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A lot of classic games did the whole "WARNING" thing, bosses especially.

You could also subvert their expectation by giving them a warning and then having the first few fish be realllyy slow, and then suddenly BAM.
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To Silux,
The idea behind the game is that it's not all about the reaction time and "skill" of the player. In this game, failing is not a judgement of the player's skill but something that lets the player learn how to do better next time. I like games in which the point is learning your surroundings and coming up with appropriate strategies. The player is supposed to go in blind the first time so that there's lots of room for easy improvement in the future, and is expected to fail before beating each level.

In many old games you could quickly improve just by getting familiar with the different enemies. If the game is designed so that the player can react to every enemy before the player fully understand what they do, then there's less room for learning and improvement. It would be a completely different style of game, maybe not worse but not what I want for this game.

Yes, the fast fish that come from the sides are impossible to react to, but they do the minimum amount of damage because of it. Unless you're close to death they shouldn't matter too much.

To Hectate,
Cute idea. :) (Not that I'll use it.)