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I'm just going to post any and all music I make here unless it's for a game that's coming out soon. Feedback is reeeeeeaaaalllly appreciated!

Please note that none of these tracks are available for use. They can only be used by me! Thanks for your understanding.

Charactaristic Obstacles - A simple dungeon theme with guitar and stuff. Uses LTTP and OoT samples.
Kramer Does Speed - An INSANE boss theme. The song's in 7/8 and that melody with the conflicting rhythm at the start wasn't intentional but I kept it anyway. Also uses LTTP and OoT samples.
Dark Boss - A boss theme. It's also in 7/8. What's with me making boss themes in that time signature?
Desert - A desert level theme. I intended on following the limitations of the NES, but I cheated a couple times.
Resane - A really weird combination of simple waveforms, strings and a harp.
Organic Heights - Orchestra dungeon theme. This is the first song I made in GarageBand.

There's also some older stuff on my website, if you're interested.

The Binding Force
You'll Be Back - First mini dungeon from the game.
Really Deep Song - Used in one room.
Raining on my Style - Downpour Region theme.
Towering Depths- First real dungeon theme.
Battle Waddle - First boss theme.

The following weren't in the demo.

Living Sand - Second(?) dungeon theme. Might be redone.
Dancing With Horror - Second(?) boss theme.
Forest of Drugs - Used in the forest area. I seriously love the vibe of this one. I might eventually expand on it.

Nouman's Comeback - Desert.
Mall of Pain - Elevator music heard through speakers in a shopping mall.

I'm not so good at improvising.

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What do you use to make your music? It's actually not as bad as you appear to believe it to be.
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I don't think my music's bad! I'm proud of how far I've come over the past few years since I started composing. The only thing I'm not happy with is my improvisation skills. That and my inability to write something longer than a minute.

I use PXTone for most of my music, but I'll use GarageBand for the stuff with more realistic sounding instruments, like Organic Heights, Resane and the improv stuff.


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And yet I know where everything else is.


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Kramer Does Speed is great, it reminds me of (some?) Final Fantasy 7 boss fights.


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Yeah. Some reminds me of boss fights in other RPG games. LOL.  :D


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The only RPGs I've ever really played are in the Paper Mario series, so that definitely wasn't an influence. That track's influenced by progressive metal, if anything.


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This is epic music tracks, repped for playing Mario RPGs, they are insanely good.


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So in every tutorial i see about pxtone, people just have premade sounds they add in. Can you make the premade sounds in pxtone? Also the pxtone website is in Japanese T_T... where do i click to download the newest version?

 Kara =]


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PXTone comes with something called "PTVoice" that lets you create your own instruments for use in the program. You can also use .wav files as instruments.

The download link is the link at the top of the page that says "(v. Download."

Delete japan.ico (or whatever it is) to make the program English.

If you need a manual, the one with the Mexican guy on the cover is great. It's what I used to learn the program.


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cool thanks=]

I downloaded that link but i can not find this "japanese.ico" file anywhere in the zip file. =[


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It's there in the folder. If it's not there then the program will be in English.


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Yep its in English =D

Sorry for flooding your thread but the manual downloaded as "RAR" file and I can't open it. =[
What software do I need for that?

edit: To help future people, Use WinRAR to open the manual file also my computer did not support Japanese so I got half English/ half random symbols in the software. I just deleted 2 files containing only random symbols to fix that.

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Pretty nice, good job! :) I'm gonna stick to using my own though, even if it is inferior.. :P