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Alright, not entirely new here...but didn't get much time with the Beta, so I don't know much. Was hoping to avoid spamming up this place with tons of questions, lol. Anyways, working on the "Title screen" and my main question is how to create menus that would work for a title? Like, right now I'm just wanting something like New Game and a Load Game option. I might add some other options later (like, extra features or something...). Another question is messages. How do you create those, like reaching a certain point in a level or hitting a certain object. (I'm planning on having something similar to those "message blocks" that appeared in Yoshi's Island that gives you info and/or tips on the current level)

Well, those are the main things I'm wanting to work on right now...hopefully I won't have any other questions for the time being. xD
Thanks in advanced.
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For the menu, a popular choice is button actors with some simple behavior that changes the scene when the mouse is both over the actor and the button is pressed/released.

I believe there are some packs of behaviors that can help with the pop-ups. Check for a dialog pack or a cutscene pack. I think the latter contains the former, actually. Check on Forge, that is.
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Has your question been fully answered BellGoRiiing?
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