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After Joe's post, I decided to youtube it. It's really cool, but looks confusing and not a game I'd be good at. i'd pay some money for it if it ever came out for the computer, but not much monies.
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Seems like a nice thing to say.

edit: bleh, link won't work.

Haha, wow that made me laugh so hard. I think he has a great sense of humor.

So Fez has no enemies? I used to be really eager to play it but I don't have xbox live anymore so can't unless it comes on PC, but I didn't know there were no enemies... Wow really rattles your brain on how much effort he had to put into the game to keep it interesting.

I still think hes a jerk though. :P


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After downloading it, I played FEZ for 12 hours straight before life kicked in and I had to put it down and have dinner with my wife. I think it is fantastic and challenges a lot of the assumptions about what games should be. It's about time. Passionate people make mistakes. I don't care what Phil Fish said to whom about anything, his game is brilliant.