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A "Meat Boy" fangame made in about an hour. That's all there is to it because it's already done.
It's more the quick completion wizardry than the game that's important.
If only I could do this with circyt.


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I thought the game was pretty fun for being put together so quickly.  Challenging but not impossible.


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Is there a tutorial / forum post about the steps to get a game on Kongregate?


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Kongregate has a good set of articles about posting SWFs on it. Once you export the SWF just follow their directions.
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haha. "press space to play again bro".  :D


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I won, dude!

Got a time of 4:58.92 seconds.

Your game is the type of game that can possibly drive people mad if they can get frustrated... at least that's what I saw.

Oh... and please post the controls next time. Left and right for movement, space to jump.
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