Way to distinguish between text addition and number addition.


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In the latest build you can put a string attribute into both a number addition and text addition, so it's really hard to tell which one is which. Maybe the string version should have quotes around the text boxes?


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That would be nice.  A couple times I was stuck trying to figure out why my numbers weren't adding up correctly until I saw that I used the text add block when I should have used the number add block.


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Great idea, it shouldn't be really that difficult to make (...changing the official language files? O.o) while it would help a lot.


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Yes, great idea! I also ran into problems sometimes when I chose the wrong "+" block.


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This would be very helpful! I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out why some math in my game wasn't working and not knowing which "+" block there was ended up being the culprit.


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Actually, is there a reason why we should have different blocks? I'd prefer if we were able to combine them for good. That's what "operating overloading" is all about anyways...


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One common block for text and number addition?

I guess... why not? Though I guess if something like this were to be introduced, it should be done fast, before some users get used to the fact that they can place text in number adders and it gets automatically converted. ;)