How did you find out about us?


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I discovered Stencyl via the Humble Bundle (but I wish I had known about it years ago already!). I was working with Unity before and various programming languages. I still work with Unity but I am really glad that I discovered Stencyl. It just works and I look forward to using it for my 2D projects going forward :)


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I discovered stencyl about a year prior. About six months ago I picked up  Game Maker and hated every minute of it. The software fought me on everything. I had my doubts because you guys lacked a proper marketplace, and there wasn't any clear networking modules (some posts said this was unfeasible with stencyl.)

Push forward to a week ago. I lost a bunch of work to a crash. I dreaded the thought of starting over from even a *recent* backup and thats when I realized it wasn't me that was the problem -- it was the development environment.

I took the leap and moved to stencyl. What took three, four days to implement in GMS only took me a night. The change blows my mind. Things that I had wanted to see (such as a layer-based tile editor and collision shapes) are suddenly just..there. OOP is now a breeze, instead of trying to hack together 'something' in GM and fighting against their half-baked, half documented datatype systems.

More to the point I refuse to be badly dinged  again (hundreds and hundreds of dollars) for simple exports. I like the price structure of Stencyl, how I get a guarantee of updates because you guys charge yearly. It means the tools I'm learning will still be supported down the line (instead of getting bought up by an online gambling outfit and potentially shutdown, or unsupported like GMS).

Stencyl isn't good. Stencyl is  *great*.

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I spent a long time with Game Maker and Stencyl was like a beautiful breath of fresh air.


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I was introduced by my teacher and she thought I'd like it. And I do! :P :P :P


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My brother got a stackskills programming bundle from gizmag, It had some stencyl tutorials by Richard Sneyd.


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just found you out from when I search for "Satellite boxes". How amazing :D


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I know you guys from Google :D enjoy my stay here ;)


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Found you guys from Google,too lol  :) I hope to have good time over here :D


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through my friend's referral :d just a month ago and now I am here :)

Years ago, I used game maker fairly extensively (before it was "studio", if I'm not mistaken), and I struggled to eher complete any projects when I used it. Partly because of lack of experience, and partly because it seemed so daunting. About 4 years ago, after learning BASIC and trying realllyyy hard to learn 6502 Assembly, I gave up.  About a year ago, I went back to game maker and saw how much it has changed in the last 10 years, and felt a little discouraged that I had fallen so far out of touch with something I always wanted to pursue but put on the back-burner. I started doing mad google-searches at night to whittle my options down to different development platforms that I felt seems easy enough to start learning how to think like a programmer again, and not just vomit command lines without knowing how to put it all together.

Stencyl became my ever-increasing path of viability after all of my research, and I'm glad I found it. The Internet, probably 30 different websites and forums, is how I found and ultimately decided to use and learn Stencyl as my jumping-off point. Now that I have some experience under my belt with it, though, I don't think it's just a starting point anymore. I see possibilities with this platform for years to come. And I really do feel thankful that the people working on this program decided to do it and keep updating it to make a real option for game development.

Thanks, google! And Stencyl!


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I wanted to start making games so I did some research online and found Stencyl after a few days, and after I got it a while later, it has been worth it.
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I found you guys when I was searching for 2d unity alternatives on google. Stencyl looks really simple to use and that caught the attention of my eye.


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Found this place through

And I have to say I probably wouldn't have discoved Stencyl without it. It took weeks of failing on other engines and Googling, lucky I didn't give up as this seems to have what I need to get started.


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A search engine. I searched something like "top best free game maker", then looked at several lists. Stencyl was in most of them.
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I found out via my teacher last year, this game engine has proven quite useful and easy to understand for me and I love it!