How did you find out about us?


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There was an article about this site (actually, more about this StencylWorks program) in a Turkish technology magazine:
Read it if you dare... or can :)

I guess this explains why we've been seeing a few Turkish users around here lately. Pretty neat.


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I read a feature on the Irish game site
about the creator of vvvvvvv using stencylworks.

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A direct link to the source would be great.

I found out about it on the GameSalad forums... first I wasn't too interested, as I was pretty focused on iOS development. But now, it seems that there's an iOS publishing beta going on over here. That's pretty cool. I'm checking things out, to see if I can add another tool to my developer's tool belt.

It seems that having a Mac has been a good thing. HA!  :D

...and maybe I should give Flash another chance. Steve Jobs seemed pretty down on Flash, and even I've been doubtful of its future. But with millions of people playing CityVille/Farmville, I doubt that it's going away anytime soon. And wow... the games here seem pretty solid, like it was from Miniclip. That's been a long-term goal for my site — a virtual arcade. Is it going to be built with HTML 5 or Flash? Wow, that battle might be settled here, depending on how Stencyl progresses. Sure, HTML 5 is probably the theoretical victor in the long run, but that could take years. Why wait when I can start building cross-platform apps right now?

Anyway... hi, nice to meet you!  :)
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I think I heard about Stencyl from a SunVox (great cross-platform music creation software) user on the official forums. It was DarkHog, if I recall. I checked it out then, and I think Stencyl was in beta. After a few months, I stumbled upon a post where he referenced it again, and that made me search it out, only to find that it was released.

After checking it out, I was, and am, fairly impressed with the software. Something about it makes me want to play around with it some more.
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I found out about it from Scratch.


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I found this forum when KungFuFurby shared his music works that he posted a new thread about on my forum.

My wonderful forum. Join us, plz? D:


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A guy on scratch showed me a game he made on here.


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 I found out about it mostly from Rhys when he left Scratch for stencyl, but he never actually told me. It sparked a discussion over there and I finally decided to join yesterday.


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I found out on the same linkn that Photics did, over on gamesalad. I was finding it hard to understand what GS was doing under the hood as I did some programming ages ago... well Stencyl seems better structured for the way I think. I love what you guys are doing and look forward to making some games in stencyl, especially Istencyl, which for me is the point of getting into all this again.


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I saw a comment in a new game on kongregate linking me to a stencyl page on kongregate which led to me downloading it.


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Rob wanted to know a little more about the Difference Engine Initiative I posted about in the Introductions thread, so here goes:

Here is the official page for it, on the Hand Eye Society's blog.  The Hand Eye Society is a Toronto-based gaming collective.

There's kind of a lot going on there but essentially it's an effort to introduce diversity into the local indie gaming community (and possibly the industry at large) through these sort of workshops called "incubators".  There are six weekly sessions, during which six participants are introduced to various gamemaking tools and design principles; this is where I first heard of Stencyl.  Much discussion is had.  By the end, a working game or prototype has been created by each individual, so that even though the product may be unpolished or incomplete in some ways, everyone has gone through the entire process of conceiving, making, playtesting and publishing a game.  Also I think at some point they showcase all the games at one of the Hand Eye Society functions.

Perhaps you've heard of the game N?  The co-creator, Mare Sheppard, is one of the coordinators.  The particular incubator I'm currently involved with is focused on women, and there's going to be another in a couple months, so hopefully I'll be able to post about the results in due time.  Quite a few of us are using Stencyl for our games but I'm not sure if anyone else has an account registered on the forums; I'll have to ask.

If anyone has any questions... Er... Perhaps this should be its own thread!  :P
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Thanks. That's really informative.

Also glad to hear some of the members picked stencyl as the game-making tool. It's a helpful and vibrant community as you can tell. I noticed that you are an artist and they will be very much in demand with the upcoming IOS, forge and marketplace initiatives.

Anyways, good luck with your games.


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Some one mentioned it on Twitter (can't remember who) & I made the test game & was hooked :D
I own an iPhone, MacBook & developer account - so once iStencyl is out I'll be first in the queue to pay some money back to you guys & get some games made.