How did you find out about us?


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I found Stencyl on c:


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A fellow animator recommended it. It was this or games factory. I've been using it for about three days, now things are going good. Can't wait to finish my first game.


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Through Newgrounds group...
There is a group for games made with Stencyl and the new name had me intruiged...

And here I am... :-p


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The latest Tutorial on Emanuele Feronato's website was covering Stencyl and I was amazed at how simple it looked and since you could implement code as well I figured I needed to give it a try!


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My name is Jack W. I'm 17 year old who loves to play and of course make games. I do not have my own site yet but planning to have one once I finish making a couple of stencyl games.

I am very excited to be part of stencyl community. Allowing me to create a flash game without coding has been a dream come true. I can start making games here and hopefully earning my $ through flash game sponsorship.

Ironically, I "discovered" stencyl through a blog from another gamemaker comparing different tools. I personally love flash game and think html5 has long long way to go before any adoption. The tool I am using today is just crap and buggy and they started  charging people for it recently. I hope I can pull some of my buddies over here too. To stencyl team - promise me you keep the flash part of stencyl free for all.

Anyways, back to making my first flash game. See ya all around.


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While Browsing Newgrounds (I'm not even a registered user there, i did'nt saw the point on signing up if i had nothing to contribute), I was watching some flash animations and then started to wander randomly on the site, and i ended on the game developing resources, found a link to this website; downloaded program and i'm here, introducing myself and anxious to create my first game (besides tutorial game, Crash Course)
Wow, did i just made a game?!!


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It is several months ago. I was on my final task for one of my course...
But, I was late. :P
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i found Stencyl by watching Click on the BBC in December


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There was a forum post at gamesalad comparing the two. istencyl may have some things to improve on, but the rate of improvement is blowing GS out of he water.


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    I was in the community and also had (and still have) a website on Scratch was great, but I wanted to be able to make flash games and put them on my website which they can't do. So I started seeing these forum posts about stencyl and decided to try it out.

    I made a game called Dodge It! 2  with Stencylworks(the 1st version made in the games factory 2) to see if I could make a decent game with this tool. More or less, it was a success.

    Back to my website; it carried the "Heyzap Arcade" and things were going well. The website had 108 members I think. Heyzap stopped letting people embed their arcade. Now I'm on a mission to stock it up with stencyl games I make and when it has enough games, relaunch the site.


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I found stencyl on another forum. there was quite a few people using GM8, but then the global moderator posted a topic about how GM8 has been going down, and i recently switched to ubuntu so i can't use GM8 anymore, and he recommended stencyl. I was hooked in about 5 minutes.


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I first heard about Stencyl on Emanuele Feronato's blog...

... It looked interesting, and then when I saw it on BBC Click (on-line on the BBC Bews website), I downloaded it.
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Through Newgrounds group...
There is a group for games made with Stencyl and the new name had me intrigued...

And here I am... :-p

That is basically how I came here. :-\
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