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Hi there. I`m wondering on game creation of 3d games. What programs do you know for creation of 3d games? I prefer something like stencyl, you can use preconfigured behaviors or code your own, using blocks or normal programming language.
So, I`m waiting for propositions.
Currently waiting for joints in stencylworks.


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Unity immediately comes to mind.
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I had a look on unity it sound promising.
Currently waiting for joints in stencylworks.


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Unity doesn't have any drag and drop pre-configured blocks of code that you can use to make a full fledged 3D game.  They do, however, have a few pre-made prefabs such as an FPS controller and a number of other things, but I always end up making my own through my own code.

That being said, it will be very difficult to avoid coding 100 percent, especially if you want to make a 3D game.  Even if you find a game engine with drag and drop you will ALWAYS have a limit to certain things.  Those limits can only be overcome through programming.

Which is a reason I like Stencyl.  I can do both drag and drop and code if I do so please to overcome those limitations.

Although, Unity Pro has a few presets that would be very time consuming and require a lot of skill such as pathfinding, but that's 1500 dollars you'll need to pull out of your behind.

I've been searching around for a generic game engine that can output some decent quality.  And that doesn't cost me an arm and maybe a leg.  I ran into Leadwerks.  When Leadwerks 3 comes out it is going to blow a lot of engines out of the water.  It costs 200 dollars for the current Leadwerks engine.  3 is going to have some drag and drop things such as pathfinding, so far as I can tell from the previews, and a few others.  I hear things about waves for the water physics.

One of my favorite features about Leadwerks is that you can literally use ANY programming language that can be loaded through header files.  The list of languages supported is incredible.  Leadwerks' main languages are lua, C++ and my personal language of choice C#.

I like game engines that are generic.  Unreal for example was originally used for an FPS.  Now showing its age and limits though.  Textures for example are terrible in Unreal.  But Unity and Leadwerks and these other "underdog" game engines are generic and aren't originally made for any one specific game genre.

Anyway, sorry for going off on a tangent but I enjoy Leadwerks.  haha

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Unity every time. Not only is javascript incredibly easy to learn, but unity is incredibly easy to use. But yeah, you will end up coding.
Also, you will need to make your own models. I use blender, that's free too, i could help you if you like :P

blender has a game engine too but i don't like it :/