Need help with shootin and trigonometry


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Can you please explain me how can I create "bullet" in the same point no matter how my basic actor rotated. You will better understand what I need if you show attachments/


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I think some exerienced users (aka Alexin etc) will know how to do this. I personaly dont.
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[Set velocity to (dir=[[atan2 (y=[y of mouse] - [y-center of self], x=[x of mouse] - [x-center of self]) as degrees] degrees, speed=(any)
This is explained in Abigayls tutorial, not sure which. Maybe you want to find a way to get the x and y of the gun instead y-center of self and x-center of self. Not sure how to do that though.
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The trigonometry for this is a little more complicated then using atan2.

If you know the length and angle of the arm, you can use COS(angle) * LENGTH function to find what is the x value of the bullet, and SIN(angle) * LENGTH to find what is the y value of the bullet.

(Well, I hope I've got it right :P )
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@IAP Yup, you got it right ;)

Here is a screenshot as an example, Fire Direction is the angle (probably "direction of <Self>" in your case) and Offset would be the length of the actor's arm and gun.


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Create the bullet when mouse is clicked?
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I had beening doing  it as you told but have incorrect result.
I solved problem but taking cos and sin of atan2(mouse_x-x, mouse_y-y)