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Well everything is good with slopes, except when climbing on them i must jump, can't i just walk? :<


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Haven't worked with slopes yet, but i would try the following:

Detect, wether the Actor colides with a slope-tile (Not sure how to do that, but you will find a way ;). Then just rotate the actor, depending on the increase of the slope. For the "walking" use the walking animation AND one of the blocks in the screenshot (found under Actor --> Motion)

Im new to Stencyl, but that is how i would try it. Good luck


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I am using the Slope Detection from the Jump and Run example :/ and it;s not about animation, i am forced to jump when climbing on a montain for example, i can slide and i can get off it without jumping, but when climbing it's like a box-shaped collision :(

ipe 369

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cant you use a sphere for the player collision? or bevel the edges of the box to make an octagon?