The World of Pitluff


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About 3 months ago, I worked on my first "finished" Stencyl Game called "Pitluff". It was more of a demo than a game, but I managed to get something out.

I've also worked on a couple private demos that I never released out because hopefully one day, I can go back on those projects and finish them up.

Screenshot of Pitluff:

You can also play Pitluff here!

And now without further ado, here's the first two screenshots of "The World of Pitluff"

The World of Pitluff is a 2D physics based action platformer. Your toon car "Phyllis-1000" has the ability to spawn blocks to help it aid on it's journey. I have no real story as of yet of how Phyllis attained this powers, but each colored blocked will have it's own features. Each level will have colored coded "stars" which you must place blocks on. Horizontal star platformers have 5 stars which tells you that you will need about 5 of the same color coded blocks that you must "Drag and Drop" on top of each star. Vertical star usually require 1 star on top or if must be used to stack "5 high"

Green Blocks ("Grass Type") - Just gives you the normal ability to walk on them for extended transportation.

Red Blocks ("Fire Type") - Since Phyllis-1000 can only shoot upwards and attack air enemies, it won't be able to kill off "ground" based enemies, so you must use Red Blocks to disintegrate "ground" based enemies.

Blue Block ("Bounce Type") - Allows you to bounce to high areas where unreachable by regular jumping or green blocks.

Whenever this game is complete, I will publish to Desura and other download based sites.. Still deciding if I should port to Android. I really think the game would really shine on touchbased tablets and phones. Also, I plan to change "System4 Studios" to "Pitluff Studios" whenever this game is close to done. I will have the new site details later.

If you have anymore further ideas that I can implement in this.. Let me know!!! ;)
The World of Pitluff (In Development):