Importing and Exporting Scenes


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I am working with a team, and we would all like to build individual levels/scenes and then combine them in a "master file". Is there an easier way then going through the process of designing them individually and then rebuilding them by hand in the master file? I know native import/export of scenes isn't supported yet (and I understand why) but has anyone found a more streamlined work around?

Thanks for any tips!


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Closest thing to it (which I use) would be using SVN. you've got to be careful everytime you update or commit your files though.


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I really can't recommend using SVN to share files. You can mess things up if you're not careful.


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Agreed. We have some issues when working with it but, at least we can centralize our work. Is there a  better way for having 2 or 3 people working on the same project?


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I recommend designating one person as being in charge of the master copy (where all the Scenes are created). Everyone else will create resources which can be shared with the rest of the team using Stencyl's exporting feature.

You can use SVN or even something like Dropbox to maintain a versioned set of shared resources. I just don't recommend doing it with the Stencyl project files themselves.


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I've tried SVN on stencyl still now.
I've experiment some problems not only in Scene creation but in any numeric id object (Actors, Behaviors, global attributes, ...).

For example creating scene behavior at the same time in two different stencyl will create a same id behavior. Both are present in snipper folder but only one is visible because game.xml show only one of them.

Work at same time at same project is very very difficult. Only way I've found is to create a set of resources dedicated to single developer.

Only David can rename and use David's Actors and only Stephane can rename and use Stephane's Actors. And so on.
This must be extended also on Scenes, Behaviors, Game Attributes, ...
Particular attention must be used in code mode behaviors.

Anyone find some other ways to use SVN?


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Yep, that's exactly the problem. Stencyl maintains inter-dependencies between files now and doesn't pull in live changes to files in its project folder.

To reiterate, the best way I've found to do work together right now is to export/import resources to share them among project team members. We'll be looking at ways to improve this in the future, but it'll require some hefty changes.


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Had same problems with our server application.
Simple transform id from Int to String applying data marker in every single id: idString = idInt + Date().getTime();
Using a similar way you can be sure no component has a duplicated ID and you can preserve your paradigma.
Sorry for this unasked suggestion, hope can be considered opportune.

Otherwise I'm going to try to use Stencyl and SVN creating previously some objects for each kinds for each developer. Not very optimazied but seems permit to use Stencyl with SVN rightly. I'm keep in touch about this point.

Joe, if I understood you propose something like that:
1. Everyone checkout to last "master version" from SVN;
2. Work on Actors or Behaviors or any thing he want except scene creation. Then Export its work and pass it to the "master integrator";
3. "Master integrator" provide to import pieces to stencyl "master version". Then commit a new "master version".
4. GOTO 1
Is it near a good way to use Stencyl in your perception?

Thanks, David.

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