[WIP] Monochrome (Working Title)


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I am working on some kind of defense game.
Till now this is an endless game, but there will be waves, upgrades etc...

  • upgrades
  • different enemies
  • some kind of air strikes
  • sound/music

What do you think so far?

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I changed the game mechanics and the graphic style.


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Not bad. Works smoothly and it does what you're describing it to be. You're definitely on the right track.

One suggestion I have is to maybe make the bullets or enemies a bit bigger, or make the time between shooting a little shorter. I felt a bit restrained as I fired the bullets. I do recognize that part of the fun is needing to accurately shoot these enemies however, so I'll leave it as a mild suggestion.

Have you thought of bosses? That could be fun to have in the game. :]

Keep up the good work! I'll definitely play the final version.


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Thanks for your suggestions.

I think there will be an upgrade for the firerate and damage/bullet size. The hard work will be finding the right balance for the enemies and upgrades. Bosses are a good idea, maybe I will add some.


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If you want to rename your game, why not Monochrome Defense?
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- added the first upgrade menu prototype
- added one enemy type

Thanks for the idea, Ryusui!


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This is a fun game. I can't resist playing games where with upgrading and power ups. Good job! Also, I like the graphic style!


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I like it. Good job.


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I love black-white! Well done!