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I "think" this could be done...just requires a heck lot of math and I'm not sure if design mode supports it. Insuring that the levels are suitable for the game is another it's kinda getting scary. ;D

Game Art / Re: Greek Inspired Statues
« on: August 22, 2011, 05:32:49 am »
Liek...maybe thicker outlines? I dunno. I fear the current one will blur out when in a background of similar color...but feel free to ignore, I'm not so much of an artist.

Except for that, it's freaking awesome. Can't wait to see the rest.

Journals / Re: What are you working on?
« on: August 22, 2011, 05:30:01 am »
Damn dude that background and tiles are so damn sick. Did you make them?
Of course I did :)

At the same time I'm sticking with 16*16 pixels in black and white.... :|

Resolved Questions / Re: "over" button
« on: August 22, 2011, 05:26:19 am »
Scene -> Regions :)
Thanks, bro. Did not notice that one.

Resolved Questions / "over" button [solved]
« on: August 22, 2011, 04:23:24 am »
Kinda new to stencyl. I know how to do a mouse pressed button, and a physical button triggered on collision, but...

anyone know how to make a actor do something when the player overlaps with it? I mean like, walk pass a sign and a message pops up... ???

Ask a Question / Re: Too much going on in one block, bad?
« on: August 22, 2011, 04:20:57 am »
Is it bad practise to have too many things going on in one Design Block?

I have a block that controls the player's movement, which is already quite complex & non-standard. Within that same block I've ingrained the combat animations. I have a load of attributes inside this block that all need to check on each other.

As everything is already talking to each other it would be easiest to just carry on adding to this one block. I've thought of a few options; the main one being to use global attributes so they are not contained in the block - but it says globals are for save games and high scores, is it a bad idea to do this? The attributes are things like 'When X is held down HeldDown? = True'. Its important a lot of different elements can see this state.

I dunno how it affects the performance of the game, maybe it kinda slows it down, or maybe it doesn't. Dunno.

But I actually 'prefer' having as much things as possible going on in one makes everything quite logically simple. As long as you don't forget where you left off on the coding that is...  :D

Ask a Question / Re: Shoot Both Directions Platformer
« on: August 22, 2011, 04:13:21 am »
I don't see facing right... (I'm a fail.) This is what I have now... I'm trying to get it to be like Balls in Space. With one button, fire left or right...
You have to "set" facing right.

Did you simply go "if right key is down, set x speed of actor to..." in your walking behavior?
Then I suggest add a
"set actor value" block behind that, and let the walking behavior determine the actor's facing.
(if you used a downloaded behavior and there's already a block like that there, you can chose to use it if you understand it.)

As for the firing, the code will be something like

>if 'action 1' key was pressed
>if (get actor value 'facing right?' as boolean
create actor "bullet" at (x and y positions)
set x speed for last created actor to (firing speed)
create actor "bullet" at (x and y positions)
set x speed for last created actor to [negate(firing speed)]

Something like that...sorry too lazy to screenshot.

Greg-Anims is right. The direction of the actor isn't changing-it only changes if the actor "rotates", not according to the animation.

Ask a Question / Re: Invisible tiles.....???
« on: August 18, 2011, 07:38:10 am »
May be you have this problem coz edit old tiles, it's always better to creat new tileset without adding and editing old tiles, and if you edit something, you need to do this very carefully, delete old tiles first, than adding new, also, better to delete all not needed tiles(that you plan to replace) in scene, and only after that make edites in tilesets, it will help you to make your work more clean
Extremely annoying punctuation ::)

Anyway, Solved question by switching to 32*32 tiles instead of 16*16.
So...Got idea what the question is...or was? :-\

Ask a Question / Re: Invisible tiles.....???
« on: August 17, 2011, 10:52:53 pm »
Dat doesn't work either... :(

Anyways, Ohai xmagicx! Nice to see you in somewhere else than IB... :P

Ask a Question / Invisible tiles.....???
« on: August 17, 2011, 02:37:44 am »
Okay, I'm a pretty new user around here, just attempting to make a game.

created my first original tileset and set collisions.

But...when I drag the tiles into my scene, they appear in edit mode, but when I test the game, they're gone.

Even doesn't show the tiles, but the tiles are there: The player collides with the block that the tile was placed, but there is no tile to be seen.

Anyone have any idea what I've done wrong?

Please help, thanks.

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