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Only one showing up is "Actor".

Do I need to create an actor attribute?

I created BTSF just to test to see if it WOULD show up there...  it does. :)

here is what I have defined, I have tried with the HIDDEN flag on and off on best target so far

Last part of this tutorial and Just when I think I'm starting to get things figured, something stumps me.

in the following screenshot, how do you get Current health for [Best Target So Far]?

my Attribute Best Target So far is a blue block(not green) and in the green box the only thing I can tell that shows up are:
Last created actor
last collided actor
choose attribute

and the only one of those that show up is a green "Actor" attribute... I can go into it and add another attribute of "actor" type ?

Is that what needs to be done?  It would make sense, since I am looking to return an actor, right?

I *DIDNT* have that block - but when I just went back and looked I saw I had it now... I guess it got created when I did my flying bullet logic?

Now I get bullets flying and hitting the targets, although sometimes they get "Stuck" on the target till it moves again with a min distance of 1.....

Moving on to the next tutorial and probably having more questions! :) Thanks again.

I changed it this morning, same thing happens - I think something is wrong with my "Target" if I take out both of the top "If" and the first line is set DX and set DY the bullet spawns, but still just sits there, never moving.

The only other thing i see different is on my SHOOT TARGETS IN RANGE Behavior

Where I have "Make self shoot target" I have to break that up in two lines, I didn't have one specific line like it shows in the tutorial....

Could these be linked?

So - I hope I'm posting this in the correct area:

I have successfully gotten through the first 3 tutorials, I'm on the the shooting bullets... When a target comes in range of the tower it puts a bullet in the center of my tower and never fires -

in the Flying Bullet behavior, I created 2 events, a custom block and a when updated event - I have added the following attributes:
Target (Actor - Hidden)
Amount of Damage - Number Hidden
dy - number hidden
dx - number hidden
minimum distance - number hidden
bullet speed number

When I attach this behavior to the bullet actor, I set min distance to 0 and bullet speed to 15

I have verified that the bullet is in the new fancy bullet collision group.  Any ideas?

Ask a Question / Having trouble with Behaviors
« on: May 22, 2012, 01:20:24 pm »
Hi all - Just getting started in Stencyl - I have a oracle programming background (never an expert, but always trying!)

I am having a problem figuring out where to put behaviors - I have read over the tutorials over and over, but for some reason its still not sinking in - I have been thinking of them as classes in other Object oriented languages(the little I know) But for some reason I just cant keep them in the right places.

For example

A basic tower defense game, I have a tower, bullet and enemy actors

Enemy walks along a set path (walking behavior attached to enemy - would also keep track of things like speed, hit points, etc - things specific to only this actor, right/)

Tower will have things like the range, attack speed?

Bullets would have damage, flight speed, special effects (SLow, AE, etc)

is that correct?  So for this example, I tie bullet damage to the bullet - it does 5 damage, it hits the enemy and I would take off 5 hit points from the enemy actor, right?  How do I tell the damage from the bullet to talk to the hp of the enemy actor?

ugh.. I keep confusing myself - Does anyone have any good advice with how to keep this separated? I am trying Publishers tower defense tutorials and I keep getting myself lost... Any advice, links, tips would be appreciated.

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