Suggestion Issue: Any website overhaul coming in the future?

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June 07, 2017, 11:58:12 pm
Anything planned to update the Stencyl page. I mean it's fine as it is I suppose but it's 2017 and the front page has an iphone 4...maybe a 4s. Would love to see Stencyl updated, maybe something like Gamejolt idk. Everyone always talks about Game maker but far less people know about Stencyl.. I just think Stencyl deserves wayyy more credit and attention, or marketing..Seeing many of our devs hitting commercial success is awesome but I feel like we need to bring even more developers in as I'm steadily seeing a decline in new and active users. Just a thought I've been meaning to get out. Would love to see where you guys are at on things like this.

Things I'd like to see (feel free to add to the list)
-Overhauled front page with a catalog of our games ranging from our featured games, to works in progress/early access, to little demos or random projects from all levels of Stencyl users.
-More user friendly navigation aka update the Stencyl arcade. I enjoy the layout of Gamejolt...I think they do it right.
- I'm ok with the forum setup but it could use minor tweaks. Maybe sort out posts like how Reddit does it (hot,trending,new,etc)
-Somewhat superficial but I'd like everyone to have an individual rank based not on their # of posts, but their contribution and level of experience with Stencyl(idk how this could be achieved but it's a thought)
-More user customizable pages and better social integration. Not asking for complete freedom like MySpace (you remember MySpace)? Gamejolt allows some form of user customization and even utilizes certain "widgets" to be installed on a users page. Let's make it more fun to see people's pages!
-Better Resource center. I know the forge is done with but it doesn't mean we can't integrate a better way for users to post behaviors on here.
-Ability to favorite/archive posts for personal reference
- An about us section...seriously, the only people I know who work on Stencyl is Jon and would be nice to get to know the founders of this program.

I think Stencyl is a great platform for game developing enthusiasts of all types and I would like Stencyl to last as long as possible. I'd like to see more users joining and more talk about us on social media. A lot of people know Game Maker but not nearly as many know about Stencyl, and far less know the potential of games that's Stencyl can produce. We need to get people out of the habit of thinking that the only way they will ever make a game, is if they do it in Unity, Unreal, or some other high end engine. People underestimate Stencyl but it's time Stencyl get's the respect it deserves.
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June 08, 2017, 08:39:22 am

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June 09, 2017, 12:53:36 am


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June 11, 2017, 11:07:44 am
Yeah the site totally needs a makeover.


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