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@NickamonPoppytail   Wow! I'm impressed you know as many characters as you do haha!
And ya, you're not the only one that noticed only now that he was an old man with a moustache.

Since I've posted this, a few more publishers have gotten in contact with me, so im making another build and hopefully things go well, whatever the case, I've decided to put up a demo on soon, maybe next week, maybe the week after. I'll post here when it's available to try out!


Been a little bit. Unfortunately still no luck with the publishers I've tried. The game is almost complete though, which is cool, even though I think  it currently probably doesn't have the launch support to go anywhere when I release it, I'm still trying hard to change that though. Whatever the case, I hope the people who do play it find it great! It'd actually be pretty cool, I think, to have a small community of people who really like it. That way I could do, like, giveaways where I can mail out hand made sculptures of the game's characters or something to fans.

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of polishing tweaks (changing things from just functional to actually looking good) and cutting some things that aren't really worth investing the time into. I changed the look of the main character Jim, since the old model I made like a year and a half ago and I've gotten much better at the art since then. But I'm worried this new one might look too cute, like to the point where it's a little generic looking? Let me know what you think. The new one is on the right:

also been finishing up the game's intro...

(gif capture got messed up at the end of that last one, whoops!)

You may have seen it on twitter, but I made this promo art too, which I think came out nice...

Yup, well, that's it for now. I guess I'll be back with more stuff soon. Thanks!

Journals / Re: This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:59:04 pm »

No, not really. Really sorry about the lack of updates, I'll plan out a list of features to show for the coming weeks, I'll post about something on Saturday.

Still just hard at work finishing it up and trying to get in contact with publishers. There seems to be interest from them but I kept sending them builds that wouldn't work on their computers for whatever reason, which was super frustrating and embarrassing. I think I got it fixed and I sent it to them a few days ago, still haven't gotten a response, which is disheartening... but I'll keep trying!

Journals / Re: Haymakers (platformer for Desktop)
« on: January 16, 2018, 08:06:56 am »
Ah jeez, ya even the thought of doing something like that gives me anxiety haha.

ALSO, just checked out the demo and it was so good dude. I thought it was alright until I got to the part where you're bouncing off the trees and dude it just feels so perfect. Everything's so fluid and smooth, excellent job. Legitimately excited to see where it goes.

I'm a big fan of bosses in games, while I was playing I was thinking about how fun you can make a boss fight with the mechanics you have. Not sure if that's a direction you were thinking of heading with the game, but either way, you definitely have a very solid foundation to do all kinds of different things!

Journals / Re: Haymakers (platformer for Desktop)
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:23:59 am »
Been following this! Looks great!

I'm really excited to hear about your experience at MAGfest! Let us know how it went!

Small little update!

I have sorta finished the game from start to end, now it's just a matter of going back and giving some stuff much needed polish and debugging.

I'm expecting it all to take me a few more months of work, but I also don't wanna rush it too much. Especially because I haven't been trying hard enough to get much-needed press coverage of the game. Mostly due to self confidence issues. I'm currently trying to reach out to different publishers to help me with the launch of the game.

I've been polishing up the look of my Japanese snow world:

As well as the look of the final world, which I won't show too much of...

That's all for now! I talk about some more characters next week!

Journals / Re: This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)
« on: December 21, 2017, 03:38:32 am »
Yes! At the end of the day limit, the game doesn't stop like, say, in the original pikmin, but you do get a "bad" ending

Then there's an ending for doing it in the number of days required.

Then there's an ending that's more challenging to get, getting to the final boss in xxx days, where "xxx" is some low number. I have finished this ending, but still need to playtest to see what number day this "xxx" should be.

If I have time, I'd love to add little title card endings for each character you come across based on how you treated them, to see where they ended up. I got some good ideas for some. They wouldn't take that long to do, but I gotta work on more necessary things first, so we'll see! Each character already has a sort of "ending" depending on how you act/if you help them out.

Glad you're excited for the release, really trying to have it finished by the end of the year so I can polish, debug and release in spring. Been burning myself out pretty frequently though, so we'll have to see! :D

Journals / Re: This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)
« on: December 16, 2017, 03:45:39 pm »
Woah, hey! ...HEY! Woah! Hey!

It's been a little while, I've been debugging a lot and went through this odd phase where I wasn't proud of, like, anything I was doing that I'm just getting out of now. It was very frustrating.

I thought I'd show off a few more of the game's characters today.

Some of these characters are written to be multi-dimensional and complex, but most are what I like to call "aggressively one-dimensional" I've always sorta enjoyed characters in movies where their personality could be summed up in a word without much of a reason, like godzilla or something, whose whole personality is "he likes to destroy things...because reasons" or some action hero fights the bad guys..because he's just really angry. I always thought those characters could be very funny if done right, so a lot of the game's characters are written in that same style.

Jumbo the Dog
is an aspiring film maker. He believes heart is the most important thing in an art form. He makes movies like "Pup Fiction" or "The Pawshank Redemption" He gives you dates to return to his theater to see his newest picture. But with each movie, his doubt grows stronger. Nobody seems to be paying attention to his hard work. Maybe...he just isn't cut out to make movies. How far does he need to push himself before he accepts that his movie dreams just wont come true and give up?

Meowmoto Musashi
is the leader of "Kyoto Death Cat Squad #7". Death cats are elite groups assigned to pose as a deceased celebrity so that the world doesn't realize that celebrity is dead. His squad is assigned to pose as legendary Japanese film maker Akira Kurosawa. Can you imagine a world in which we no longer got movies directed by Akira Kurosawa? What hope would be left for humanity? Why would anyone go on? With an injured member of their squad, however, they will need your help carrying Kurosawa's body to various movie shoots located around the game world.

Journals / Re: This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:25:29 am »
lol ya I guess so, the image I post here are links to imgur, they have little links of the image that you copy and paste so that they show up directly on message boards.

That character is me! (I like masks :P)

Journals / Re: This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)
« on: November 18, 2017, 06:12:12 am »
Wow! You guys warm my heart!

@KramerGames: I worked with Matthew Rock, he's very good! Highly recommend!

Been doing a lot of debugging and polishing this week still, mostly on the hip-hop inspired "Sandy Streetz" world:

I also added one of the final little checkboxes on my "to do" list: A sort of enemy bio screen, but instead of providing descriptions of the enemy or something, I thought I would show sort of the "making of" through these, like concept art and early versions. I love that sort of stuff in game art books, so I figured I'd just have that sort of thing right in the game! Hopefully people care enough to like it!

Again, thank you all for your support, tbh, working alone on this thing and frankly having no idea how I'm going to do so many things required to release my game was really starting to get to me this week and I felt like I was just breaking down, but the online reactions I've gotten to this so far really helped get me out of that.  I still got a few months to go, and I hope they'll continue to help me keep my sanity.


Journals / Re: This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:48:51 am »
Hey! Sorry it's been a while!

I've mostly been working on gameplay tweaks and polish that aren't really too presentable in gifs or images. But I have been working on a boss" The Original Squiddy Squiddy" for my Hip Hop Beach world.

Finishing up the last of the art of the large trash(The game's main collectables):

And I worked with a composer to make a track for my snow/japanese themed world, which is really coming out wonderful!

You can listen to it here:

@ChristianEs: YES! I totally agree, tbh, I was just getting super frustrated with After Effects and was just like "AH! It's good enough!" It takes a lot for me to get that impatient lol. Definitely something I'm going to look to fix in the next trailer!

As always, your continued interest keeps me going, thank you so much!

@ChristianEs: Thanks! Ya, I'm using a very similar set up to the link you sent me, I looked at that before when I was first starting out. Any specific areas where you're noticing bad sprite borders? Because I've been making sure I edit any out after I take the photos, and so far I thought it was working well. There are definitely some that still need work, but I'm curious to see if you had any specifically in mind that you noticed that I overlooked.

@ NickamonPoppytail: Ya, I read that page countless times lol. I have loading screens already, but on some computers(ones that should be more than capable of loading a lot of game assets), they are pretty bad for a game this size. Idk, it doesn't seem that complicated but I just cant figure out some things, like do I even need to use the "load/unload atlas" blocks, or should I be fine only doing it through settings? Also the initial boot up (where it's a black screen with white box, ie before the first scene of the game) of the game takes FOREVER on some computers(more than 2 minutes), and haven't been able to fix that yet.  I checked all the forums, but they're either too old or not really what I'm looking for. That said, It's really not that much of a hurdle, I'm probably just over-thinking it. I'll figure it out soon.


Thanks for your support!

@Nickamon: The game is going well, I've been working on a playable build to have people test( Specifically, ive been fixing bugs and trying to wrap my head around atlases to decrease the game's current atrocious loading times)and maybe send it to some press. I'm working on polishing the first half of the game and when I get burnt out of that I work on the final world of the game.  I've been working on a murder mystery part of the final world that I won't go too into detail with ;).

My current plan is to have it "done" by the end of the year(all the worlds functional) and then to spend several months polishing it and debugging, which it definitely needs a lot of haha. As far as "where", I was just thinking your basic steam/gog thing for mac/pc and linux. Not on mobile or anything.

Hey thanks for the kind words everyone!

And thanks Justin! Ya Paper Mario is probably my biggest game influence. Pikmin is another one!

Weekly update!
First, here's the first reveal trailer I made: Let me know what you think!

I've been working on the final world of the game, and isn't totally ready to show yet, plus I don't wanna spoil too much, so I was thinking I'll show off some friends that you'll meet during your adventures.
 Friends are the heart of This Game is Trash, they provide most of the content in the open worlds and they provide the structure for planning out each of your days.

For example:

CHIP is a dropped Ice cream scoop that is going to melt and die in 3 days. He is struggling with coping with his inevitable death, and asks if you'd be able to just talk to him as much as you can for his remaining 3 days. You have conversations ranging from whether or not Bruce Lee would win in a fight against Godzilla to what you think happens when we die. Will you give him your undivided attention for those 3 days? Even if it means canceling plans with some of your other friends?

IGGY is a spider who runs a failing tv game show. It plays like a trivia jeopardy game, asking questions relating to the things you've encountered in the game thus far. He asks you to schedule when you can do new episodes of the show. But without the trash to pay them, the studio crew of the show start to reveal their OWN plans, which you may choose to help them out with.

There's plenty of other characters scattered around the world, they're probably my favorite part of making the game and the people who have tested it said it's probably their favorite part too. I'm excited to have players discover them all, and my goal is to make them unlike any characters you've seen in video games before, and find them oddly relate able in their fears and goals.

As always, thanks for your interest, it keeps me going!

Journals / Re: This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectahon, Adventure Game)
« on: September 23, 2017, 02:56:00 am »

Weekly update! Comin' in hot! Wooooooo!

Pins are equippable items that players find across the world. Each one offers a different power or bonus. They work much like badges in the Paper Mario games, if you've played those. However, the game's time mechanics and other systems allows for pins with unique and exciting effects. It really adds a lot to the game, figuring out which pins to equip to best suit what you plan on doing with your day.

Here are some examples:

In addition to finding them out in the worlds, you can also purchase many from Homeless Harry's shop with the trash you collect out on your adventures. He gets a new shipment every day!

Hope you look forward to seeing what pin combinations work the best when you play the game! As I said, I am working on getting a playable build ready, but I'm also working on the first trailer, which I hope to have October 1st! (Hopefully!) So look forward to that! Maybe! If you want! I think it'll be cool!

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