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Ask a Question / Re: Android Build Failed - Post Logs
« on: February 25, 2020, 08:17:11 pm »
Perhaps you can try following some of the advice here, regarding android settings.

You can make it a little easier to see if the device is detected without recompiling the game, by going in Stencyl to File > Preferences > Features, and enable "Device Manager". Then every time you open Stencyl, and again every 30 seconds after that, it checks if there have been any changes to what devices you have connected.

If it sees the device, it'll print a message like this in the log viewer.

Code: [Select]
2020-02-26 13:07:19,813 INFO  [AWT-EventQueue-0] ( Found new device:

If the device is seen when Stencyl first starts, it'll also place an extra menu item in the Run menu. (Not great, but that's why this is a beta feature).

Code: [Select]
Run > Android Device > (Device Name)

In my case, I could also see the device's files, but it wasn't until I changed the device from "file transfer" mode to "photo transfer" mode that it was able to be detected by adb.

Ask a Question / Re: Android Build Failed - Post Logs
« on: February 24, 2020, 11:03:26 pm »
It looks like adb (the android tool used to communicate with devices) isn't detecting your device. Since it's a new PC, perhaps you haven't installed the necessary drivers yet.

Ask a Question / Re: Android Build Failed - Post Logs
« on: February 22, 2020, 07:16:13 am »

See the linked thread. This is already fixed, but unfortunately the build server has been disabled the past few days. I'll pull it back up again and issue a new build soon. For now, you can follow the given instructions to get it up and running again.

Ask a Question / Re: is there a way of using Haxe 3.6 instead of haxe 4 ?
« on: February 16, 2020, 07:04:49 pm »
You could simply replace the Haxe and Neko binaries in Stencyl's install folder. I'm not positive that OpenFL/Lime will still work well with older versions of Haxe or not. Stencyl may also have made some changes to work only with Haxe 4+.

Ask a Question / Re: Error #1009
« on: February 16, 2020, 07:02:00 pm »
Not exactly sure in that case. Try enabling "Run > View logs through game controller", and open the Game Controller in the toolbar. When your game hits the error, click on the last line in the Game Controller's "Logs" pane, and there should be hyperlinks you can click to jump to the part of your code that caused the error. Perhaps it's something I wouldn't expect.

If it does seem to be one of the blocks that has the "player" attribute, and you can't see why the player attribute is unassigned, feel free to export your project and I can take a look.

Ask a Question / Re: Error #1009
« on: February 15, 2020, 01:58:48 am »
Your "player" actor attribute hasn't been set.

Ask a Question / Re: cant find the path of jdk
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:04:27 pm »
Are you sure that's a JDK, and not a JRE? Stencyl will run file and allow you to test HTML5 games with just a JRE, but you need the JDK to actually publish the game.

You can grab a JDK from this site and install it.

It's independent. The amount specified in the .bat file is only the amount available for the IDE.

Okay, I went ahead and tried this out.

- Installed Linux Mint
- Ran suggested updates by the OS
- Downloaded and opened Stencyl (extract .tar.gz, double-click the "Stencyl" file, select "Run")

At this point, I was able to test both Flash and HTML5 games in Stencyl. Perhaps this is enough for your use of Stencyl in the classroom. If it is, you don't need to do anything more. If you want to unlock more of the targets, you'll need to install some components through the terminal.

To test on Native Linux, Cppia, and Android, you need to install the c++ development packages, same as written in the guide.

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install g++ libgc-dev libxext-dev
To publish HTML5 games, and to test on Android, you also need the JDK. I followed the first link I sent you step by step, and it worked fine, so you can probably ignore the second link I posted.

(Note: You can pick whatever version of the jdk you want. 8, 11, and 13 should all work fine.)

Code: [Select]
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository --yes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install adoptopenjdk-11-hotspot

Set the path to the JDK at File > Preferences > Tools > JDK to the following:
Code: [Select]
You can probably ignore all of the 32-bit support packages the guide mentioned. That is, everything in steps 2 and 3.

Try installing AdoptOpenJDKs distribution instead of Oracle's.

If their guide doesn't work, this blog post may be helpful.

I can take a look at the setup guide, but it'll take some time before I can get to it.

Ask a Question / Re: HELP!!! PLEASE LOL
« on: February 10, 2020, 02:41:58 am »
See the replies here.,59888.0.html

This hasn't been fixed in the latest private builds yet. It will be within a day or so. The changes are simple enough to make manually that I'd recommend doing so rather than waiting.

Ask a Question / Re: Running / Testing game on Mac OSX Catalina
« on: February 02, 2020, 05:55:47 pm »
I don't believe we have any obvious documentation about opening Stencyl on macOS. There's no requirement for Stencyl to exist inside the Applications folder at all (I know that many of our users prefer to just have it on their Desktop). I'm aware that this isn't quite like how most macOS apps work, so perhaps we ought to have a "how to install" guide like we do for Linux.

We do have a .pkg installer, which we put together when an educator requested it, and can link to it (for education subscribers) upon request. Perhaps more people would be interested in that than I had considered, and should be available as a standard option.

I understand that you can't necessarily sign the third party packages, but perhaps creating a script or at least instructions that would allow the user to authorize them would be helpful.
Yes, we'll at least do something like this, if there isn't a better solution. The problem was that I wasn't previously sure that something like that would work, since I hadn't received any feedback about it before.

Thank you for your feedback!

Ask a Question / Re: Running / Testing game on Mac OSX Catalina
« on: January 31, 2020, 07:55:02 pm »
The mac app is structured the way it is because it would be much more expensive for us to distribute everything within the .app, and it (usually) works well enough the way it is. We do run into various roadbumps almost every time macOS gets an update (thank, Apple!!), but we usually manage to fix everything and make it a smooth experience again.

By the way, small nitpick, but the main app, "" is signed and notarized.

We had mostly fixed up everything related to Catalina, but this was one remaining issue that I couldn't wrap my head around. Other users had asked about this in the past, but I never ran into this issue myself so I couldn't be sure about the solution. I had guessed that littlefrogvideo's solution might work, and suggested that to the other users, but never got any replies indicating that it worked.

Apart from the issue with haxelib not running (which I can try to improve now that I know the answer), what other points about installing Stencyl are woefully inadequate?

Ask a Question / Re: Failed to compile to Windows after Updating to 4.2
« on: January 09, 2020, 08:44:30 pm »
Did you install Stencyl over a previous install? Perhaps try uninstalling Stencyl and installing it again, or just install it to a different location on your computer.

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