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Were those issues for Xcode 9? I submitted an app a few weeks back with Xcode 8 and stencyl 3.4 due to release dec the 7th, cleared review no problems.

Yeah, I fixed it by going back to Xcode 8 as well :) my game is now live on the store and it’s doing pretty well! I’m so happy all the effort paid off and people are enjoying it :D

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try reducing the memory usage. I’m only using X2 scale though I think as the game is all pixel art so no need for higher res. Will let you know if I manage to get it working :)

Are they running low on RAM?
Don’t think so as it’s running fine on an iPhone 5s, 5c and 6 and the 6 plus has more ram than those? I think iPad Air has the same as iPhone 6?

Someone else with an ipad air also can't load the game. It's important that I can fix this as people ahve paid money to download it now. If anyone knows anything about issues with older devices please let me know asap!


My game has gone live today and it's doing really well. someone just contacted me on twitter though and said they bought the game for their iphone 6 plus and the game just loads to a black screen and crashes. any idea why this might be? it ran fine on the simulator and with testers. I know people have ran it on the iphone 6 with no problems. If there isn't anything i can do is there a way for them to get a refund?

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Super Donuts! Out now on iOS and Android!
« on: December 02, 2017, 09:00:06 am »
This game has been significantly improved. It looks really nice. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks! I’ve done loads of work on it since the Kickstarter! :D thanks for the kind words!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Super Donuts! Out now on iOS and Android!
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:46:32 am »
After working away for almost 2 years, here's the result! I have to say thank you to everyone on this forum for being so helpful in answering my questions!



if the links don't work just do a search on the store and it should come up!

Thanks again for the support and I hope you enjoy it!

Ah yeah I remember the weird loader thing showing instead of a splash screen. If you want to send me the game file I can see if I can get it to build and run.
Thanks, just sent you a message :)

what about trying to roll back to an older version of stencyl and Xcode?
I did that and it runs fine but wouldn't work with a splash screen and apple rejected the app because of that..  which is why I updated the programs in the first place.

and like nicktendowii mentioned, the game runs perfectly on Mac/ccpia, like it always did, except this time, it crashes on iOS
Glad i'm not the only one having this problem! It sounds like exactly the same thing. does the game load up for a split second them sort of stutter and freeze then crash after a while? I've started trying to reduce the file size but it's not making any difference. Like you I was hoping to submit it to apple a few weeks ago but all these issues have stopped me being able to :(

If you have the log viewer open when running the game in flash, no errors show up?
no, no errors at all, just the stuff I've set to appear in the log to test like score / lives etc

The game runs fine in flash and on mac but on iOS it just keeps crashing. I really can't figure out why.

Has something changed with the latest update with regards to iOS? I can run the game fine on Mac but when running it on iPhone it crashes as soon as you begin a level. I’m not sure what could be causing it I’ve tried removing some code blocks and trying different scaling settings but nothing’s working. As as the game installs fine there’s no error logs to check either.

Which version of Xcode are you using? I've heard that Apple fixed some serious OpenGL slowdown with Xcode 9 beta 2.

I don't know about black boxes though. Have you tried testing with older simulators?
I'm using 9.0.1 It's only showing the black boxes over text on the iPhone but not all text just some of it. also the game has started randomly crashing. It's really annoying as I was very close to release after working on the project for close to two years now. all these updates have really made everything worse :(

Hi, I've had to install the beta of stencyl and new version of Xcode to be able to export my game and upload to apple. It seems to have caused a lot of problems though. Some levels of my game are showing a lot of slowdown. They played fine before but now they are struggling to reach 10fps. The game slows to a crawl. Also dome of the text I have used in the game is being replaced with black boxes?

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