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Hi Luyren,

Thanks a ton!!  :D , it worked.

Learned today that the "actor of type" block returns =>  [actor name, actor type] in a text block. Thanks!!.  :D

Hi , i have actor type "Button_Option"  and have 6 instances of the same i.e. Button_Option 11 to 16 in the scene.

I need to get the name  of the actor instance (Button_Option XX) , when the user clicks it.

For this i am using the attached code. But it returns the actor type name i.e. (Button_Option) and not the instance name.

Kindly help me getting name of the actor instance thanks.

Hi Luyren,

Thanks a ton!!! for guiding me. Changed all the files below, as mentioned in the post you sent. It worked  :)

C:\Program Files\Stencyl\plaf\haxe\lib\lime\lime\templates\android\template\build.gradle
C:\Program Files\Stencyl\plaf\haxe\lib\lime\lime\templates\extension\dependencies\android\build.gradle
C:\Program Files\Stencyl\plaf\haxe\lib\lime\lime\dependencies\extension-api\build.gradle


I am compiling a test game for android for the first time.  I dont have any background in android or game development and have run into errors, with last message as Encountered errors while building your game.

Going through the logs i find that during the compilation, Gradle build daemon is started successfully.  After this attempt is made to get resources from below  urls but it fails.

Before it failed There was a popup from firewall asking to allow some java process too, i had clicked allow.

There are other Urls too, i have attached all the log files as generated by Stencyl.

Any help to solve the above problem is highly appreciated.

Below is the configuration :

OS Name: Windows 10 (64-bit)
 Java Version: 11.0.3
 Java Home Environment Variable (JAVA_HOME): not set
 Stencyl Version: 4.0.2 (b10468)

Ask a Question / Re: "Image from File" not found error
« on: August 16, 2019, 11:12:39 am »
Weird.. I haven't seen this one before.. someone can probably give you s better fix... but..
Try placing that image with same name in that specific folder it's looking for.. may clear the error.. but not the actual problem...
You can try backing up project.. clean project.  And click the remove unused files tab... then try again

Thanks squeeb it worked :) and Thanks JeffreyDriver for sharing :)

Ask a Question / "Image from File" not found error
« on: August 16, 2019, 04:49:04 am »
Kindly help as i am simply trying to attach an image in a scene placed under folder specified below but throws up an error of image not found. Using do every X sec => attach instance of image => image from file to screen at X ,Y.

O/s : Windows 10 64 bit
Stencyl version : 4.0.1 b (10300)
Game name : Game 9
Image has been placed in folder : AppData\Roaming\Stencyl\stencylworks\games\Game 9\extras
Game folder shown in menu => Tools => Workspace => View Folder for this Game : AppData\Roaming\Stencyl\stencylworks\games\Game 9\
Instead of searching in the above folder the code is searching image in the  game generated folder below:
AppData\Roaming\Stencyl\stencylworks\games-generated\Game 9\Assets\data. This is as shown by below runtime error.

Error: Flash] ApplicationMain#uncaughtErrorHandler(306): [lime.utils.Assets] ERROR: There is no IMAGE asset with an ID of "assets/data/intro1.jpg"

Online documentation for Stencyl asks to place the images in extras folder under Game folder as shown under the said menu options.  This is not working. If i move the images under the game generated folder it works.

What am i doing wrong ? is there any config file pointing to specific folders for external files ? Kindly help.

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