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Chit-Chat / Did anyone else do LD 40?
« on: December 07, 2017, 12:46:27 pm »
This last weekend was Ludum Dare 40 and, as expected, I saw tons of unity games, a handful of GameMaker, but haven't come across any Stencyl games except for my own.  Were there any other Stencylers out there for LD40?  I would love to play and rate them to help out some fellow Stencylers.

Ask a Question / Need Help Changing Stencyl UI Size
« on: February 18, 2017, 09:06:24 pm »
I have been using Stencyl for years, but always on 1920x1080 screens.  I recently got a Surfacebook (3000x2000 resolution) and Stencyl is basically unusable.  I have read on the forums other Surfacebook users and Surface Pro users having the same problem, but have not come across a workable solution.

Does anyone know how to make Stencyl's UI bigger? 

I am running Win 10 and Stencyl 3.4


An idea for a game kind of like Jet Set Radio has been floating around in my head for over 2 years and I finally started goofing off to see if I could make it happen in Stencyl.  If it wasn't for bad seasonal allergies causing a weekend on my laptop, this wouldn't have happened.

If you want to run around tagging a school, here it is at Ludum Dare:

Hopefully I can clean it up, add a decent title screen, end screen and a few other tweaks and submit it to the Stencyl Jam as well.

Ask a Question / Check if an actor enters any region
« on: April 18, 2015, 10:42:10 am »
Short Version:  I want to know how to check if an actor enters any region at all, not a specific one

Longer Version:  Right now I have different levels with multiple amounts of regions and I am currently stuck checking with a giant [if actor enters region1  or if actor enters region2 or if actor enters regions3...] and I would like a simpler way to detect if the actor has entered any region.   I would love to just make a custom block that returns a boolean based on the actor being in a region but if I knew how to check if the actor was in any region (code or blocks) I would not be stuck doing it this way.  Each level has a different amount of regions, and they are not created by the level, but in place in advance.

Thanks in advance!

I use the setScrollSpeedForBackground(x,y) in one of my games and since this mornings nightly release, Stencyl is pretty upset with it.  If I leave numbers in for x and y it comes up with the error:

Creation Engine:  Int should be String
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 453
   columns: 43-44
Creation Engine:  For function argument 'ref'
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 453
   columns: 43-44

I tried assigning the values I wanted to some variables and put it in as:  setScrollSpeedForBackground(_FirstVar,_SecondVar)
but then it came up with:

Creation Engine:  Float should be Int
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 462
   columns: 53-58
Creation Engine:  For function argument 'refType'
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 462
   columns: 53-58

Here is a link to the test version with the same error.

I am a teacher and have been teaching a game design/creation class to high school students.  I have been asked to do a summer-camp style 5-day Stencyl course and I am wondering if there are any pictures or art assets that I could use with permission to promote it?  This is a local event with up to 18 students (if successful we could run more, but one thing at a time), but the art would be posted on a website.

Also, is it ok to post pictures of Stencyl itself and/or use the logo of Stencyl on a website or promotional materials (like a t-shirt or stickers)? 

Either way, this community is awesome and my students and myself both love Stencyl!

Resolved Questions / Simple Physics Tile Collision Help *Resolved*
« on: May 25, 2014, 06:45:17 pm »
Does Simple physics mode allow detection of collisions between Actors and Tiles because I cannot get ANY actors using Simple physics to collide with tiles, no matter what shape, size or position I set their collisions as (they are all rectangles of some type).  I don't believe this is a Collision Group problem because it works fine when I turn Normal physics back on, and the actors of different groups, all using Simple physics are colliding with each other just fine.

I have made sure that the ground the actors are walking on is set to no collision and the other tiles have square Collision Bounds. 


*** well i'm an idiot, i had to change the whole game to simple physics under settings > advanced > physics to get the tileset to act properly.  Thanks for reading anyway. ***

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