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Peace everyone. 4th Game for droid is now out.

Combines solid artwork with tap tile gameplay. Ideal for little girls that love tap tile, princess/dancing games. Ballerina music themes, unlockable princesses and loads of fun hours of killing time.

Inspired by dont tap white tile by HU Wan Zeng. Special thanks to my art contributors and course, the stencyl team, without whom this could not be possible. Looking forward to play services integration in upcoming stencyl builds so i can add leaderboards, social sharing etc.

Feedback appreciated!


Peace everyone.
Here's my third title, a comedy cartoon finger runner called  ' Follow the line - PouPou'. It makes use of the popular finger running genre with a bit of search term recognition mixed with it.

Again, stencyl proved to be flawless in terms of stability for my algos. im pretty sure debugging this on andengine or other prevalent platforms wouldve taken months.  Can't thank the team enough for their effort.
Special thanks to Jon and his peers for making such a great, accessible platform. Also, thanks to the FB plugin contributors and the entire stencyl community for making this possible.

Feedback appreciated!
All the best!


Guides & How-To's / marketing a game on android - QnA
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:00:00 pm »
peace guys.
was just going a bit through the new games forums, and i've seen that a lot of people have questions regarding data and monetization . Ive been doing digital marketing for more years than i can count, n i thought it would help putting in some free advice where its needed.

For people who need professional help with monetizing and promoting their games, drop me a pvt. message. for general questions, feel free to post here.

Some basic terms you need to know about app monetization/marketing (ad network based or in-app purchases):

Basic Terms
DL -downloads
Impressions - number of ad impressions made in your game
Sessions - one active duration of the app (start to finish)
session time - avg. duration per session
avg. sessions per install  - (droid industry avg. is 2.2)
avg. session duration - 2 mins.
favored ad monetization type - banner (admob works best)
ERPM (est. rev. per 1000 impressions of ads) - varies between 1 to 2 USD, depending upon search terms targetted in your game (yes its context sensitive).
CTR - click through rate  - % of ads clicked by users (you only get paid 99% of the time on admob if people click the ads, else its free ads) - portrait CTR is 2-3% avg. landscape is .8% to 2% avg.
ARPDL - avg. rev. per download - for an ad based monetization model this is 0.02 USD avg.
ARPDAU - avg. rev. per daily active user - this is usually half of ARPDL (unless your game is really sticky/addictive).

Theres tons more but ill stop  here for now.

Whats needed to survive as a mobile apps developer(droid)
Depending on your country of origin, you need to make at least 20 to 100 dollars a day (minimum) to continuously make games. to do that (using the data given above)  , you need to server at least 10000-50000 impressions of ads in your games in a day.
these would require at least 5000 to 25000 daily installs. Usually it takes an indie/SME eam 6 to 12 months and around 10 - 50 games to reach self sufficiency (done it twice before for two brands, doing it again). once you have 5 to 10 games, cross promotion using interstitials (chartboost) can help bump your new games in the rankings. push power gets stronger as you make more and more games.

example success stories of indies/SMEs ive helped out as a consultant can be seen first hand on their droid stores (100+ apps on both brands, homegrown from 2 to 3 people to 50+ HR and multi million revs annually, less than an years worth of effort) .

Resources Needed
All you need to get started is a dev guy, an art guy, a bit of exp. with sound editing and a network management/analytics guy (thats usually missing, which causes money issues). You also need basic hardware (assuming youre reading this at an online forum, id say you have a pc, a steady internet connection and a mobile device thats droid).

Questions welcome! Feel free to add me at LI -

hi guys,
first id like to appreciate the effort put in by the two guys mentioned above on creating a multiplayer plugin for stencyl (Nuggetta).
Was just going through a lot the posts regarding posting data to/from a web server, and ive noticed that MdoteDot n sadiq have done a lot of work in this regard (Nuggetta, parse).

If you guys could take what youve learned so far, and try n apply it to amazon web services, it could really take this platform to the next level.  If someone were to develop even a most basic extension that uses an AWS account (starting with mobile only, Droid, IOS), stencyl as an engine would really come into the front-line w.r.t data structures and multiplayer gaming.

Feedback appreciated. All the best!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Game #2 - Candy Maker (Android/google play)
« on: June 27, 2014, 12:50:51 am »
Hi everyone. My second game just went live on Google play. Its called candy maker, its a minigame for Kids, but has a lot of good art and sound production value in it. Must check for people new to stencyl, speaks a lot on its power as an effective engine for media intensive games.

Its basically a candy making/sharing game with a  judges rating system. feedback appreciated!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Balls Break Bricks
« on: May 18, 2014, 05:03:57 pm »
Peace everyone.
Took me about a month, but my first android stencyl game is now live, thanks to you guys. Would like to thank Jon, David (the FB plugin guy) and all their peers for making stencyl and its plugins a very efficient and time saving platform for all of us. The games link is give below, feel free to download and play. Feedback Welcome!

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