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Hello, i have been testing out the Dialog Extension, it's an awesome job, thanks you Justin, for taking your time to build it.

Sadly i have some issues when trying to run on an iPhone 5c, 5s and iPad mini, i though it was my code so i tried it using  the Dialog Extension Sample and it still crashes, i did some minor modifications to the Sample (adding touch to the Good Scene and removing sounds) but it still crashes when it finishes the first sentence ( Press V to advance.), the bottom-right arrow starts blinking bouncing and without pressing(or touching) anything it just crashes(sometimes it happens just before finishing the sentence).

Anyone knows a workaround to debug or where i could  start to look into to fix it or any idea that could help me? (please)

  • It does work on the iOS simulator, Android devices, Mac and flash
  • The prior-to-crash image is an iPhone simulator for simplicity of taking the screenshot

Edit: added the  Modified Dialog Extension Sample

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