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iPhone / iPad / Android / Mumble Jungle - Official Release on Android
« on: August 07, 2015, 12:23:35 pm »

Hello Stencyl family! We have released our first true game.  Our previous release, Shadow Pickup, was a test of Stencyl and of Google Play's functionality. We're proud to reveal Mumble Jungle as a showcase of our progress.

You can find Mumble Jungle here:

Mumble Jungle is a throwback to the arcade games of old: Collect bananas to add to your score, avoid danger and post your highest score to the leader boards. However, the twist is that the main character is not a hero but an elderly man. You'll be battling monkeys for half of the game but you'll be struggling with the old man for the other half.

Technical Features:
  • Leaderboards and high score tracking
  • Integration with Google Play and it's achievements
  • Social media compatibility
  • Unlockables (via game playing or google store purchases)

Additional Info:
The development time was about 4 months between two people. In that time our programmer was learning Stencyl and I was learning how to do game artwork. Half way through that development period we started and finished Shadow Pickup and released it (close to 100 downloads as of this post). 

Treynox had never programmed a game before although he is familiar with other types of code. I had dabbled a little with GIMP in the past for silly things but never had a serious project with it. We both signed up for Udemy courses that applied to what our roles were and made it work. When we weren't working on the game we were learning how to add more to it.

There must have been a dozen more things I personally wanted to add to Mumble Jungle but it would have went on forever. The background images were redone several times and I re-did a lot of the images throughout the 4 months. Treynox would frequently clean up his code and add new functionality. However, we decided on an August release so that we could stop putting "band aids" on Mumble Jungle and apply what we've learned to a fresh slate.

We'll continue to monitor Mumble Jungle and have some work to do with promotion. Otherwise we're taking a little break from the dev scene and will come back with a new vision. Thank you all for reading!

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