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iPhone / iPad / Android / First game made with Stencyl released!
« on: November 27, 2018, 09:26:37 pm »
Hi all

Happy to announce that I have released my first game made with Stencyl.
It is available on Google Play for now. It will be released on Apple App Store as well.
On PC/Mac a slightly different version will be released as a premium game over the next couple of months.
As a small independant game development studio, I have released more than 50 games for mobile devices but over the past few years since the mobile market got super tough for indies, I started focusing on the PC game market and have released around 15 games for PC/MAC...I make casual games for a older female demographic.

'GO Team Investigates' is sort of a trial for me for using Stencyl. It was more about learning Stencyl and understanding what could be done with Stencyl and what were its constraints. So it surely will have some bugs and other issues.
The game is a mashup of solitaire card game, mahjong tile match game and some logic puzzles. As I said before it is directed towards the older female casual game player and may appear somewhat out of place among  the usual Stencyl games presented here.


Have Fun!

Ask a Question / compiled game is 64 bit ...Can it be built as 32bit?
« on: November 16, 2018, 10:28:13 pm »
We need the compiled Windows exe to be 32 bit which is the requirement of my distributor. Currently the game exe is showing as 64bit and is built using a Windows 64 bit machine. Can we compile and build a 32 bit .exe for the game on a 64 bit machine.
I read elsewhere in the forums that stencyl builds a 32 bit game by default, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Am getting this error after did a new install of Stencyl(b10059) on a Windows laptop.

Error: 64bit is not automatically supported for this version of VC. Set HXCPP_MSVC_CUSTOM and manually configure the executable, library and include paths

Not exactly sure what I am supposed to do. Can some one explain what steps I need to take here

Alt+Tab or Cmd+Tab on PC/MAC switches windows but music in the game continues to play which shouldn't happen
Any suggestions how to pause this ?...
I have fiddled with the focus event but with no success...I am using (3.4 b9300)
If I am running the game in windowed mode and use the minimize/maximize controls in the window corner, the window does lose/gain focus properly and using that event I can control the pausing of music,  but alt+tab is still a problem and is not affecting the focus at all (both in case of window or full screen) which is odd

I found this to be somewhat strange
The iOS build of my game gets installed on the device but is stuck at the 'Replace Me' screen and closes automatically after some time.
The same game builds work smoothly on android devices, Mac , PC and iOS Simulator. The iOS testing device I am using is an iPad running on 9.3.5.
Anyone else experienced this and is there any solution?

I am trying to set a rotation angle for an actor. I have used the 'point towards' block as well as the turn blocks...have even tried the spin tween. The angle is getting set properly when I test on the Flash and Mac platforms but on Windows it is not working.  The actor is changing its position and not changing its angle/rotation.
I even tried it without code by placing an actor on screen in the scene editor and rotating it by putting random angle values. I observed the same result after testing i.e. the pre-rotated  actor was shown with the correct angle rotation on Flash and Mac while on Windows it changed its position and the rotation was set to zero.
Is this some kind of bug that anyone has observed? ...Any help from the experts ?   

Ask a Question / Serial and Parallel Tweens
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:07:38 pm »
If I have to do certain actions in a serial manner e.g.
1. click some actor
2. tween the actor (spin or slide) over time t1
3. After this tween is complete then show a popup using a slide and scale tween over time t2
4. Wait for time t3
5. After t3 slide out the popup  over time t4
6. After this tween is complete update some attributes and add/kill some actors

can all these be done as a serial tween where the next tween is triggered once the previous one is done?

or do I have to keep a track of t1, t2, t3, t4 .. and use the do after 't' seconds blocks in a nested manner?
Also if serial tweens are available then do we have an option for parallel tweens as well?

Chit-Chat / Using Stencyl in a team setting
« on: January 06, 2018, 07:22:43 am »
We are a small game development studio with a core team of 3 and a couple of additional freelance artists that we work with in some of our projects. We have released around 30-35 small games on iOS/Android with 7-8 mn downloads till date. We also make games for PC/Mac and sell it through portals like Big Fish Games, Iwin etc. as our target audience is casual female gamers. As such, the game genres that we target are solitaire, match-3, mahjong etc.

We think that game engine, specifically game coding is not relevant as we all are in the business of making games using computers and it doesn't matter how we make those. 
Our core team is inclined towards visual design and most of the times our prototypes actually end up being final games. Currently we use Adobe AIR and have over years built a customised framework  for developing games specific to our needs but it lacks a bit in cross platform performance which has led us to explore various visual coding options of which Stencyl looks very promising.
That brings us to the following questions which we would greatly appreciate if any of the veterans could give us some answers/pointers to.

1) How effective is Stencyl to use in a team setting? e.g. If one team member is working on the main game and another is working on 3-4 meta games, how easy it is to integrate the project together.
2) Can Stencyl handle the development and build of large size games? Our games for PC/MAC on the casual game portals can be in the 150-250MB range. (large number of high res graphics/sounds etc.).
3) How much risk is there to the future development and customer support for the software? As we understand the Stencyl team is quite small and the software is sold as a yearly subscription which led to this question.

I am returning to Stencyl, I guess after 7 years or so (when it only did Flash export), so did such a long post..hoping to get some good pointers..

Ask a Question / stencyl and mdm zinc compatibility
« on: December 27, 2011, 01:41:53 am »
Is it possible to use swf made with stencyl to compile desktop executable application (.exe/.dmg) by using converters like MDM zinc.
Is the API for MDM zinc supported which will allow extending AS3 for specific use like saving to desktop, loading local database etc. 

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