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This is Nightly Build 9th Feb running on OSX 10.6

* This is a pinball game so it is tall. The scene size is 480 w 960 h
* The play field is a background image, also 480x960
* The background is shown correctly at 100%, but at 200% the bottom half is white.

Images attached.

Resolved Questions / How can I ensure scenes are updated? [solved]
« on: January 15, 2012, 12:04:42 am »
EXAMPLE: I have a scene with one actor. The scene is shown correct in the Scene editor.

  • I save the game - there is no asterisk next to the scene name.
  • I use "Test Scene" : the actor is shown at the wrong angle.
  • I go back to the Scene Editor, adjust and check the rotation of the actor, save the game again.
  • In 'Test Scene' the actor is still at the wrong angle.
  • I go back to the Scene Editor and move the actor, and save.
  • Now the actor is at the right angle.

Some adjustments to the scenery don't seem to be noticed - for example changing Background colour to No Colour doesn't seem to stick. The only slightly unusual thing I am doing is duplicating scenes. How can I ensure that what I am changing will trigger a save?

Ask a Question / Loading external images.
« on: January 12, 2012, 01:14:00 am »
Let's say you have some still photographs that you'd like to show in a game or interactive show running in Flash player (not Mobile). You'd like to show them one at a time at a reasonable size. You could make them backgrounds, but that will pump up the size of the swf considerably so that it'll take a while to start up. In Mobile mode I can see Atlases as addressing this kind of problem.

In Flash you could load them as external files. There's a tutorial in AS3 here:

Which makes sense but I can't figure out how that lines up with Stencyl. Is there a way to load backgrounds on the fly?
Anyone have a suggestion here?

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