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Ask a Question / Changing an attribute for all instances of an actor
« on: July 28, 2015, 01:30:27 pm »
Hi Guys

I'm working through the tasks at the end of the crash course 2 tutorial and i'd like it if that every time one of the enemy space ships died, the rest would speed up by a certain amount. However I only seem to be able to edit the 'speed' attribute for a a single enemy at a time.
For example: In the 'death' event for the enemy I have put "increment 'speed' by 10" before "kill self". This obviously only affects the ship that the event is running on.
I've also tried imputting a "for each actor of type: enemy ship" block  in before the increment (see attachment)but this doesn't seem to work either...
I assume i'd need some kind of attribute type that spans all instances of an actor...?
I really thought I was starting to get on a roll when i'd gotten them to move but this has brought me to a real stop!


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